SPIbelt debuted the SPI H2O Venture Series hydration belt at this year’s TRE (The Running Event) trade show to much acclaim. We are so excited to announce that Active.com named the Venture Series “Best of Running.” Check out this review from Erica Shuckies, Running Editor for Active.com:

“If you haven’t tried SPIbelt yet, you’re seriously missing out. Far from its (very) distant cousin, the fanny pack, the belt offers a super stretchy pouch for carrying phones, keys, nutrition and more. The best thing about this product is its ability to stay put even with the pouch full of run necessities. You could probably fill it with solid concrete and it wouldn’t bounce once.

For the latest product in the SPIbelt line, the company basically addressed all my product gripes without ever asking me – which leads me to a sneaking suspicion that they might employ a mind-reader. The first thing I noticed, of course, was the addition of two 8-ounce water bottles that can be easily clipped onto the belt wherever desired (front, back or side). I also loved the wider elastic of the belt itself. The two-inch width made for a more comfortable fit around the waist, as compared to their traditional version at one inch. Yes, the folks at SPIbelt seem to have thought of everything – even a set of race number toggles to let you attach a race bib to the belt.”

Read the full article here



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