"You can do anything you set your mind to."

I am an passionate runner, wifey and fur-mum (of a small yet vivacious Pomeranian called Chewy). When I am not working as a registered dental assistant in Austin Texas, I am training for my next race. This year I have the 3M Half Marathon, Austin Marathon, Boston Marathon, and Big Sur Marathon. Each year I try to push harder and farther. One day I will set out to do all the major Marathons of the world but until then, here I am. One real eye-opener over the years with my training is how important it is to have the support from others around you to help keep you motivated and keeping you on track to hit your goals. My biggest support fan is my husband, he isn’t a runner but he is always there to push me out the door on the days I’m not feeling like training, or is my personal massage therapist when I am sore and can’t move. Mostly he is there at every finish line to see me accomplish my goals. Having his support in the last three years has done nothing but help me blossom into a real athlete. Seeing other people also push themselves and strive to improve makes my heart smile and also helps encourage me to work harder.

Favorite way to workout? Running

Favorite workout jam?  Anything by Beyonce’

Three things you can’t leave home without? Keys, Wallet, and SPIbelt

Next thing you want to conquer? Boston 2017           

What is your biggest accomplishment? Qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

What is your favorite SPIbelt product and why? Rio, because I love all the fun colors and I like that it is a Large Pocket SPIbelt and fits more stuff.