The new year is bringing about so many new leaves and experiences. And we are very blessed to have a superfluous amount of positive happenings in the SPIbelt neck of the woods. Three huge things:

Picture-21. Right now on newsstands we are currently in the January issue of Better Homes and Gardens! Isn’t that crazy?!?

2. Also we are featured on Prevention’s website as well as in their February issue (on Picture-3stands now).

3. We are in partnership with Road ID with our new reflective SPIbelt. So you can have all of your safety information (a.k.a. identification plate) sewn right onto your reflective SPIbelt.

Picture-4If you have any pictures and/or stories about you and your SPIbelt that you wouldn’t mind shared on the interwebs, I would love to hear about them and post them. Please email me at

Go Team SPIbelt!

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