"If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."

Hi! I’m Annie most of you know me from Instagram @runannie. I’m Currently living in Oklahoma, but have lived in so many different places due to growing up in the military life and marrying into the military life. I absolutely love running, being outdoors, being active, and of course my family. I am currently training for my 6th Marathon coming up along with my 1st 50K coming up. I run everything from 5K, 10K, 15K, 25K, Half Marathon, marathons and even trail runs. Last year my goal was to qualify for Marathon Maniacs & I achieved it and this year my goal is to run my 1st 50K, which I will be running this month. So very excited about that. Super excited to be a part of SPIbelt Ambassador Team again for 2017!!

Favorite way to workout? Running

Favorite workout jam? Pop, techno, mixed songs and anything that gets you moving

Three things you can’t leave home without? iPhone, SPIbelt, Driver License

Next thing you want to conquer? 50K           

What is your biggest accomplishment? Qualifying for Marathon Maniacs 

What is your favorite SPIbelt product and why? I love all my Large Pocket SPIbelts, because my iPhone 6 Plus fits in them, keeps it secure along with whatever else I decide to carry, I like how it zips up, I love the designs, does not bounce as I run. I love also being able to carry my SPI H20 Companion that just clips onto my SPIbelts, and also like having the ability to put a SPI Solo-Pocket that I carry my honeystinger products in.