One reason Pokemon Go is Team SPIbelt’s new favorite thing is that it makes us get up and moving to catch all the Pokemon!

And we’ve found that the best way to prepare for those longer Pokemon Go adventures is to grab a SPIbelt, pack it with the essentials, and head out for a hands-free Poke-catching marathon. Here’s some ideas of what to bring:

  • Car keys and driver’s license
  • Cash or credit card (for grabbing an iced tea on breaks)
  • Small tube of sunblock to protect them from the sun
  • Portable cell phone charger to extend your Pokémon Go play time
  • SPI H2O Companion bottle to carry water hands-free
  • Snack or protein bar

So grab a SPIbelt here (and get free shipping in the USA):

  • Running Belts

    The Original SPIbelt


    Our Original SPIbelt is the best way to carry items while running or walking. Easily holds iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10, by keeping everything easily accessible.

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  • Large Pockets

    Large Pocket SPIbelt


    The Large Pocket SPIbelt is our most versatile fitness belt. It expands to hold the biggest phones, iPhone®11 Plus, and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

    Select options

Now that you have your SPIbelt, it’s time to catch some Pokemon!

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