SPIbelt Gift Guide For Loved Ones With T1D


Trying to find a thoughtful gift to give to someone with diabetes? It can be hard. T1D can be mentally fatiguing for your loved ones, so giving them a gift that can make their daily life just a bit easier may brighten their day. 

Below are a few gift ideas: 

Diabetic SPIbelt: This belt was designed to comfortably carry an insulin pump and handle cords and infusion tubing through a reinforced pass-through hole, which is behind the pocket so the tubing can feed through the pouch. Its pocket expands to carry additional supplies, such as blood glucose meters, test strips, syringes, insulin vials or pens, and fast-acting glucose. You can choose a belt with a logo or without one. This gift allows your loved ones to have the essential medical items they need while being hands-free. GIFT TIP: Stuff the belt with some diabetic-friendly treats and snacks for an added surprise!

Kids’ SPIbelt: Every kid-sized SPIbelt (waist size 18” through 24”) can accommodate cords and infusion tubing through a reinforced opening, and its storage pocket is large enough to carry medical supplies like insulin pumps, inhalers, EpiPen, or continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. The belt is designed to be secure and comfortable, so kids can wear it while being active. Don’t need the hole for pass-through tubing? Check out the Kid’s Play-Proof SPIbelt

Insulin Vial Protector: Vial Safe insulin vial protectors are designed to protect fragile glass vials from breaking in accidental drops or bumps. The full-coverage protector keeps insulin safe while allowing for visibility of vial contents and easy needle insertion. A bonus: they come in a ton of bright colors!

Double Pocket SPIbelt: For the friend who has many daily essentials including medical supplies, this SPIbelt comes with two pockets: one that expands to 8x4x2” and a smaller one that expands to 3x3x2”. There’s plenty of space to hold phone, keys, money, and ID, in addition to an inhaler, EpiPen, or other medical devices. Shopping for a kid with a lot of supplies to carry around? Learn more about the Kids’ Double-Pocket SPIbelt

GCM Tape: Medical-grade adhesive tape can be worn over CGMs and insulin pumps to keep devices secure throughout their use. ExpressionMed makes tapes for a range of devices, in a variety of colors and patterns, that have been designed to safely adhere to skin and have been tested for up to 21+ days of use. GIFT TIP: Buy the GCM Tape and stuff it in a diabetic SPIbelt as a combined gift. 

SPI Solo-Pocket: For the friend who already has a SPIbelt but needs more storage space for medical accessories, consider a SPI Solo-Pocket. It has the same capacity as the Original SPIbelt and slides on an Original, Kids’, or Large Pocket SPIbelt to turn it into a two-pocket belt. This solo pocket can also slide onto other straps to automatically add a carrying pouch to many things like a dog leash, regular belt or add to a purse that has a detachable strap. (Note: the solo pocket does not have a hole for tubing, but the zipper doesn't have to be zipped all the way up to still accommodate medical supplies.)

Insulated medical supply case: A carrying case with elastic loops and pockets can organize vials, pens, pump supplies, glucose, and other items needed in the day-to-day management of T1D. Sugar Medical makes insulated organizer cases, travel bags and purses, gel protective covers for medical devices, and other accessories for living with T1D.

These accessories can help people living with T1D carry their medical supplies as part of their healthy lifestyle. Wishing you, your family, and friends a healthy holiday season!  



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More than 34 million people in the US live with diabetes, the CDC reports, and Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) makes up nearly 5-10% of diagnosed cases. Both kids and adults with T1D require a pump and medical supplies to manage this chronic condition. Read more about T1D, the symptoms and why awareness is so important in this blog post.