"Live YOUR Fit"

As a full time teacher, I’ve learned the importance of a commitment to something greater than myself. After becoming a mother to my beautiful daughter Peyton in 2014, I became aware of how hard it is to balance work, life, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s difficult, but not impossible. I’ve always been conscious about my eating habits, but three years ago I started on an amazing fitness journey that has now led to the creation of my own company. FitxBrit (pronounced “Fit by Brit”) was built on my belief that to create lasting change I had to have a motive. One that lasted beyond the seasonal goal of a “summer body” or a 10 pound cosmetic shift. I had a desire to change the way I looked at fitness for life. Weekly goal-oriented meal preparation, a desire to eat smarter instead of depriving myself, the natural high that comes with making better choices for myself and my family while simply saying “NO” to a “jiggly belly” allowed me to build a solid foundation.

Favorite way to workout? yoga and hiking

Favorite workout jam?  Beyonce Ring The Alarm

Three things you can’t leave home without? water bottle, a snack bar of some sort, baby wipes

Next thing you want to conquer? I really want to zipline.