Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Emily Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? To be boldly in everything I do! Better, wife, mom, runner, friend! Boldly chase my goals and dreams with hard work and dedication! Be a better me each day! What is your favorite SPIbelt product? I love my SPIbelt Luxe, in …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Tanette Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? My biggest goal is to train for my first marathon this year injury-free and hopefully be able to run the LA marathon next year. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The original Spibelt because it’s so easy to take my phone …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Stephen Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Finish 3 half marathons and grow my photography business. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The performance series, it’s big enough to hold my phone, keys, ID and stays stable on my runs! Coolest place you have taken your SPIbelt? Disneyland, …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Robin Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Shooting for an Ultra! What is your favorite SPIbelt product? I still have an original Spibelt (with flames!) that I got many years ago that I fall back on occasionally. I really love all of my Spibelts. They don’t bounce or …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Quinn Quinn is a kid first and has diabetes second. We will never let her diabetes keep her from anything her friends are doing and we will always advocate for education of T1D and in general kids with special needs. Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Lose a …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Oskana I am a ballerina-turned-marathoner who started my running journey just over 3 years ago. I grew up in San Luis Obispo, CA, and am currently based in Nashville, TN. Going to college in Boston, I had always watched the Boston Marathon as a spectator, but never in a million years imagined, …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Michelle Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? 2019 was an amazing year for me filled with loats of great races…20+ races with 16 half marathon or longer. I want to continue that momentum in 2020! I have registered for 6 half marathons and plan to add additional races …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Lindsey Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Improve as a runner, excel in my career and work on my well being. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The original SPIbelt is one of my absolute top favorite running item. It holds so much and never moves or bounces. …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Lindsay Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Completing the 2020 Nagoya Women’s Marathon. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? SPIbelt Performance Series because it’s absolutely perfect for racing — no bouncing at all and it holds all my gels perfectly in place. Coolest place you have taken your …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Kim Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? To qualify for the New York Marathon. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The Original SPIbelt. It is great for every day runs to marathons. I can put very little inside or stuff it full of gels, cards, money and/or a …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Keri Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Biggest goal is to stay healthy and complete the Chicago Marathon for star number 2! What is your favorite SPIbelt product? I race a lot so I love my SPI performance series with the added bib loops. It holds my bib, …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Katrina Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Run three marathons in 90 days and PR in the marathon distance. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? SPIbelt Performance Series! Having four gel loops makes a big difference for marathons, combined with the h2o bottle makes it the perfect gear …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Kaila Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? To Finish my first full Ironman triathlon What is your favorite SPIbelt product? I love the original SPIbelt because it does everything I need in the most basic form. Perfect for holding my keys/phone/and nutrition while running or cycling. Coolest place …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Joel Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? I’d really like to hit some pre-cancer diagnosis PR finishes, especially in the marathon and half marathon. I’d also like to get back into running my age in miles on my birthday, something I started doing just weeks before I was …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Jessica Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? My biggest goal for 2020 is to complete my 10th full marathon and to try a Spartan race. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The Original Belt is my favorite product. It has lasted me for many years and is still …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Day Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Growth – both physically and mentally. Physically I want to better myself and train to run a Boston qualifying marathon. Mentally I want to step out of my comfort zone, learn more about myself and others. What is your favorite SPIbelt …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Cynthia Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? My biggest goal for 2020 is to help train my 12 year old daughter to finish her first triathlon. I am super excited about this time we will be spending together…growing together. As for myself, I have entered 3 triathlons…an Olympic …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Christopher Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Fitness related: have an injury free year for the first time since 2017. Non fitness related: become successfully self-employed. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? Double Pocket, because I can use the small side for things that stay put (keys, garage …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Christine Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? My 4th child was just born in January. My biggest fitness goals (I can’t limit myself to just one) are to restart a run streak, become a POUND Pro and start teaching POUND at the local YMCA. My biggest non-fitness goal …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Chad Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Run 1000 miles in the year. And run 5 half marathons in 5 states. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The original belt. So much easier to run with nothing in your hands. It’s a must have for all runners. Coolest …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Carrie Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Goal 1 was complete the Dopey Challenge which I did. Goal 2 is keep up with fitness while we add to our family. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? Dual belt. I can carry all my nutrition and phone with no …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Brooklyn Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Now that I’m wearing an insulin pump, my biggest goal for 2020 is to maintain an A1C in the 6’s. What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The Kids SPIBELT in Pink because it’s girlie, soft, and coordinates with my favorite outfits! …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Brittany I am part of a running club called AREC (A Running Experience Club) located in Long Beach, CA and I just want to shout them out because without the people in the club, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my running. Their support has made me a better person …

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Ashley R.

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Ashley R Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? My biggest goal for 2020 was completing the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World in January! I was able to complete the Dopey Challenge and my very first marathon that weekend! Now I am working towards graduating with my Master’s …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Adriana Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? I would like to run the whole 26.2 miles of Boston Marathon and San Diego Marathon What is your favorite SPIbelt product? The original is my favorite before I knew you guys have a reflective one. I like it because is …

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SPIbelt Featured Fan – @jesslynn411

My life is busy but very fun! I am a mom and in a blended family with 5 kids!! We love singing, dancing, painting, and traveling, especially for different races. I am a nurse recruiter by day, and any chance I get, I am doing something active, like lifting or running. I come from a family of karaoke singers! You can count on me for a witty punchline, or to say just the right thing to make things awkward. It’s almost a guarantee.

MFH – My Favorite Husband

What makes a great partner? For our SPIbelt Ambassador Melinda, it takes a man to stick with you through thin and thick, miles after miles, with hugs and donuts along the way!

How To Pack A SPIbelt

Proper packing of a SPIbelt will ensure the most comfortable fit while keeping all of your items safe, secure and bounce-free. Here are three easy steps to properly store gear in a SPIbelt. Step One: Gather Your Items Depending on the day, some belongings need to be taken along while others do not. Decide which …

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SPibelt; A Great Golf Accessory

SPIbelt In Sports: A Great Golf Accessory

This is not the PGA Tour. We are not professional golfers. But there’s pride on the line, and for one golfer – redemption. And with the help of a discreet golf accessory – an Original SPIbelt – anything is possible.

All About SPIbelt!

SPIbelt 101

A Bit About SPIbelt The primary goal of the SPIbelt brand is to help you carry all of the possessions needed for whatever you’re doing without them being a burden or a distraction. Whether out for a long run, traveling the globe, or hanging out with friends, our accessory belt is meant to house a …

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Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse Player Opens Up About Life With T1D

Paige Gottorff is a sophomore on the Grand Valley State University women’s lacrosse team. A top 20 Division II program in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a Biomedical Science major with a minor in Biology, plays defense, and she is a Type I diabetic. We sat down with Paige to get a better understanding on …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Zahira Mother, teacher, Triathlete. Resilience is what keeps me going. I will never stop doing what I do best! Inspire, dream, and always gratitude! Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Qualify for World Triathlon What is your favorite SPIbelt product? Travel with Large Pocket  for running all over! …

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Sara K.

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Sara K. I am a runner, running coach, and blogger, who’s completed 27 road and trail marathons, and more half marathons than I can count, both as a runner and a pacer. I’ll admit to doing more than one of those races solely to get a cupcake at the finish line. As …

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Jill H.

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Jill H. I am a mom to three kids, and a paralegal.  I am grateful to have found running years ago.  It has been a way for me to get back into shape after having my children, an outlet for stress, and a way to enjoy the outdoors and be part of …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Nat The humans I have met through Rev3 triathlon, Ultraman, trail and ultra-running are some of the most amazing people on this earth. I’ve been so lucky to witness and experience humanity, kindness, perseverance, and grit as a pacer, crew member, racer, and even while dressed in a T-Rex costume. Endurance events …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Mel As a wife and mom, running has added a new dimension to my life. At first it was an aid in dropping a few pounds (eventually 170lbs) it actually gave me a new lease on life! I’m a healthier wife and mom and a person my family can be proud of. …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Linda Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, I am a city girl at heart. I moved to the suburbs in my mid-20s, where my husband and I raised three boys, all now young adults. My eldest married an amazing girl in September of 2017 and we couldn’t be happier! …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Krista I’m a 47 year old mother, with 2 young adult sons, ages 25 and 15, and looking forward to being a grandmother (Mi-Mi) this March. I teach Health Education to high school students, and coach Volleyball. I also teach GED classes at Dallas County Community College. I began my run journey …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Joe I’m married to another runner we have 3 kids together. I’m veteran U.S Army which is were I loved running from. 2017 I ran 1 50k, 7 Marathons numerous small runs. I also did 1 Duathlon which I hope to do a Tri this year. I coach Marathon training group through …

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Jill S

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Jill I enjoy running, traveling and drinking coffee. I’ve run 20 marathons, 4 ultramarathons and countless other shorter distance races. I run with an organization called Athletes Serving Athletes. We empower individuals living with disabilities to compete in races. My inspiration to run is my husband Jack. Yes, we are Jack & …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Heather I’m not your stereotypical runner. It’s not something I’ve done all my life. It’s not something that comes natural to me. I found running several years ago and while it wasn’t love at first half marathon it is a part of who I am now. I have my routine and running …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Hannah My name is Hannah Adamson. I’m from a small town outside of Wichita, Kansas, and no, Kansas is not as flat as most people think! I was never athletic as a child and was overweight all of my adult life. I started running in 2013 when my then 5-year-old son wanted …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Gary I love running trails, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking and pretty much anything else that takes me away from civilization. I love to get dirty, the muddier the better! I like to see where my own body takes me. I prefer camping over hotels. I prefer trees over buildings. I prefer woods …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Nikkia Nikkia lives in Richmond,VA. where she is part of a wildly supportive running community. She coaches new walkers and runners in 5k, 8k and 10k distances. Additionally, Nikkia serves as a race director and is heavily involved in several of the Richmond running club(s). Not only is she a SPI Ambassador, …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Craig I signed up to do one race and by my third one I got an award. Ever since then I was hooked and can’t stop trying to improve myself. Q & A What is your biggest goal for 2020? Making Boston What is your favorite SPIbelt product? Original black and grey …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Christina I am a wife and mother of 3 who has Rheumatoid Arthritis and severe food allergies, and am a proud Half Marathon Fanatic, marathon finisher, and nationally & world ranked BMX racer. I travel the country racing bikes with some of the best people I’ve encountered, making invaluable family memories along …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Basma Hi friends, my name is Basma and I’m an avid health and diabetes advocate, volunteer, YouTube creator, and the creator of Voice for Champions – a lifestyle and type one diabetes motivational blog. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 3 years old and have been advocating and publicly …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Ashley Hi, I’m Ashley! Running, hiking, and traveling was always a big part of my life, but when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2017 I was worried it would keep me from living an active lifestyle. I was determined to not let it hold me back, and began training …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador AJ Hey Everyone! I’m AJ. I’m a marathoner, a dog mom, and I always Opt Outside when I can! I love anything outside: running, paddle boarding, cycling, and playing with my dog! I’m originally from New Orleans and live in Raleigh, NC. My biggest goal for 2018 is to Boston Qualify!! Q …

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Race for the Cure

A shout out to all the survivors, fighters and supporters who participated in the #RaceForTheCure in Austin! Check out some of the amazing individuals that participated on Sunday, September 24, 2017. 💕💕💕 Shop for a cause with the SPIbelt  that gives back! Cost remains the single largest barrier to obtaining treatment for breast cancer, so we’re …

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6 Trends That Will Elevate Your Workout Wardrobe

Anytime you workout you’re already winning in our book for doing something to improve your health. But beyond your performance, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look stylish while you sweat! That’s why we’re so excited about our new Luxe by SPIbelt. With its sleek all-black design and eye-catching metallic hardware, the Luxe is so chic you won’t want to take …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Megan Let’s see…I may be one of the only non-runners in the group, but I am an active type 1 diabetic that wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. I live in beautiful San Diego, CA and love getting outdoors as much as possible, especially if I can bring my pup …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Roy I used to be a sedentary, obese IT professional until June of 2006. That’s when friends dared me to start the 12-week weight loss challenge that changed my life. Since then, I’ve completed multiple marathons and triathlons (up to half iron), and left my IT job to become a full-time fitness …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Loree I am a foodie, runner, and LOVE watching sports especially Warriors, SF Giants & 49ers. I am a part of a running CRew based in San Francisco called Concrete Runners, they keep me accountable and motivated to achieve my goals and they have become my running family. I started running about …

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Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Helly I absolutely love running and spreading my love of running to others by motivating them to get out of their comfort zones. I’m very active in my community and in social media in the hopes that sharing my journey might inspire someone to start theirs. After setting my sights on qualifying …

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John C.

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador John C. I am 30 something, husband and dad. I am finding my feet in figuring out family life and training. I have an incredibly supportive wife and I am finding Dad life is actually a great boost to my training because it prevents procrastination and drives me to train as soon …

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