Running Myths Uncovered

Running Myths Uncovered 📷 : @b_householder Perhaps you or someone you know wanted to start a running regimen but heard a myth about running like “running is bad for your knees” and decided against it.  Or possibly you are a new runner hesitant to intensify your runs due to running myths. Or maybe, you are …

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Gifts for him

Gifts for Him Getting gifts for the guys in your life can be tricking. Whether you are shopping for your dad, son, or significant other, we have broken down our most popular items for every man on your list. Perfect fitness gifts for the health junkie, thrill-seeker, or outdoor enthusiast in your life.  Original SPIbelt  …

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How Consistent Exercise Improves Mental Health​

How Consistent Exercise Improves Mental Health Modernization has changed our lives, but its technology and barrage of information have contributed to an increase in mental health concerns, like anxiety. Furthermore, the recent political climate remains stressful for many. And now, a pandemic means restrictions to social lives, daily routines, and for many, financial hardships. More …

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Make Nature Your New Gym, and SPIbelt Your New First Aid Kit

For the unforeseeable future, running and walking will be the go-to calorie burner for many people, especially for those who don’t have the access to their usual facilities. Running improves one’s overall health by enhancing cardiovascular fitness, strengthening muscles, and burning excessive calories. It can be a simple and effective exercise to add to your …

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Summer Running

Tips for Summertime Running Running in the summer can be hot, draining and sometimes straight up miserable. Here are some tips to make your summer running more enjoyable: Get up early! It can be hard to get to sleep early, but it’s definitely worth it. You can enjoy cooler temperatures and you won’t get as …

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SPIbelt Featured Fan – @jesslynn411

My life is busy but very fun! I am a mom and in a blended family with 5 kids!! We love singing, dancing, painting, and traveling, especially for different races. I am a nurse recruiter by day, and any chance I get, I am doing something active, like lifting or running. I come from a family of karaoke singers! You can count on me for a witty punchline, or to say just the right thing to make things awkward. It’s almost a guarantee.

MFH – My Favorite Husband

What makes a great partner? For our SPIbelt Ambassador Melinda, it takes a man to stick with you through thin and thick, miles after miles, with hugs and donuts along the way!

How To Pack A SPIbelt

Proper packing of a SPIbelt will ensure the most comfortable fit while keeping all of your items safe, secure and bounce-free. Here are three easy steps to properly store gear in a SPIbelt. Step One: Gather Your Items Depending on the day, some belongings need to be taken along while others do not. Decide which …

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SPibelt; A Great Golf Accessory

SPIbelt In Sports: A Great Golf Accessory

This is not the PGA Tour. We are not professional golfers. But there’s pride on the line, and for one golfer – redemption. And with the help of a discreet golf accessory – an Original SPIbelt – anything is possible.

All About SPIbelt!

SPIbelt 101

A Bit About SPIbelt The primary goal of the SPIbelt brand is to help you carry all of the possessions needed for whatever you’re doing without them being a burden or a distraction. Whether out for a long run, traveling the globe, or hanging out with friends, our accessory belt is meant to house a …

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Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse Player Opens Up About Life With T1D

Paige Gottorff is a sophomore on the Grand Valley State University women’s lacrosse team. A top 20 Division II program in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is a Biomedical Science major with a minor in Biology, plays defense, and she is a Type I diabetic. We sat down with Paige to get a better understanding on …

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6 Trends That Will Elevate Your Workout Wardrobe

Anytime you workout you’re already winning in our book for doing something to improve your health. But beyond your performance, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look stylish while you sweat! That’s why we’re so excited about our new Luxe by SPIbelt. With its sleek all-black design and eye-catching metallic hardware, the Luxe is so chic you won’t want to take …

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refreshing summer drink recipes

#SPIbeltSummer Cocktail Contest

This summer we’re using our Companion Bottle for on-the-run hydration AND post-workout cocktail bottles! We kicked off #SPIbeltSummer with a contest to find the BEST post-workout cocktail for our Companion Bottle. Two winners (one for best virgin beverage, one for best adult beverage) get a set of 2 Companion Bottles. Thank you to everyone who submitted …

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iSPI Virtual Scavenger Hunt

We’re giving away 1 FREE entry into the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. To enter the contest, you’ll need the use of the internet + savvy sleuthing skills. Answer all 5 questions correctly (plus the bonus!) to be entered! Ready to play?! Contest is over. Thanks to all who played!

Alternate Uses for your SPIbelt

The SPIbelt is a simple product with an infinite amount of potential. While most fans use their SPIbelts while running or to store diabetes accessories, there’s plenty more that can be done with this one accessory. Take a peek at some alternate ways to put your SPIbelt to practical (and sometimes silly) use!

Check Out SPIbelt in Women’s Health

Check out SPIbelt in the April issue of Women’s Health. SPIbelt is featured along with 80s inspired leggings by SukiShufu London in the Fitness and Fashion section. The April issue of Women’s Health is full of exercise and fitness techniques that can help you start being fit and feeling sexy.

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