4 Gifts Dad will Love for $40 or Less

Dad might not even know he needs this, but this present will forever change his workouts!! Here are 4 products that will help you win favorite child status, no matter how he prefers to keep fit.

  1. Performance Series SPIbelt $25.99 – For the father that loves the trails. This fitness belt comes in a black weather-resistant large pocket with colorful and neutral zipper options. Ideal for sweaty workouts! 

  2. Dual Pocket Pro $34.99 – The wide 1.5” elastic waistband provides sturdy and robust support, while two pockets maximize carrying capacity. For the dad that loves to be prepared for anything! 

  3. Endurance Series $34.99 – For the dad, who is really into racing. This belt includes all of the bells and whistles: 6 loops for gels, reflective trim, attached toggles, and weather-resistant lining.

  4. Distance Pro $39.99 – Hard to keep up with Dad? Don’t worry – this belt will. The Distance Pro is built for durability and can keep up with even his longest runs.

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