Gifts Worth the Splurge

If you’re crunched on time, don’t waste time looking for several small gifts, just make one amazing purchase! Look no further for the perfect holiday treat. Go all in on these gifts for the ultimate holiday present that won’t be forgotten! 

  1. Dual Pocket Pro
    For mom, your aunt or grandma. Two separate pockets make this SPIbelt standout from all others. Utilize one pocket for personal items like keys, cards, chapstick or gum, and store a phone in the other pocket. Stay organized and never have items fall out while on the move ever again!
  2. Endurance Series SPIbelt
    For the uncle, brother or cousin who is into trail running. The large neoprene pocket is perfect to carry race day or long run essentials. We recommend the Endurance SPIbelt for marathon and endurance runners. 
  3. SPI Messenger Bag
    Get this for mom, a friend, or the family member who loves to be prepared! The SPI Messenger Bag is a commuter must-have. It expands to comfortably hold a wallet, water bottle, towel, snacks, and most tablets.
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