Marathon, Race, and Fitness Belts

Why do you need a SPIbelt for your 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, or ultra marathon?

Who wants to wear one of those bulky armbands that slip and chafe when you sweat? The SPIbelt is sleek, low-profile, and it’s a bounce-free way to carry your phone, ID, keys, and credit card while you’re on the move. This makes it the ideal belt for marathons, or 5k, or 10k, or half marathons, or ultra marathon. Okay you get the picture it’s the best race belt for any run! From beginner to professional we have the fitness belt for you.

Need to carry energy gels?

Our Performance Series, Endurance Series, and SPI H2O Venture Series all have a place to hold nutrition to fuel up mid-race. The gel loops on these race belts will hold GUs, Honey Stingers, Clif Shots, or PowerBar Gels safe and snug without taking up space in the pocket.

Need a hydration solution?

Running can take a lot out of you, so hydration is key. Our water bottles slide easily onto the elastic of your race belt so you can stay hydrated with water or your favorite electrolyte or energy drink making the SPI H2O Companion the perfect running companion. The SPI H2O Venture Series takes it one step further with bigger bottles that can be placed anywhere along the elastic – comfort and options are what makes this hydration running belt a standout product.

SPIbelt is the best fitness belt for the gym and boot camp, too!

Going to the gym always poses the question, “where do I stash my phone?” Dropping your phone or keys during squats or lifting weights is distracting. Listening to music while working out is a breeze; just leave your headphone cord  at the end of the zipper and listen to music or podcasts while you work out. Keep your phone close and safe with SPIbelt, the best fitness belt.

Our goal is to have the simplest and most functional workout and running belts out there so you can focus on the important stuff. Plus, it’s always a good idea to run with your ID or driver’s license. So keep your essentials safe and accessible along with your phone, keys, and credit card.

Read SPIbelt reviews and see what our customers have to say about:

Original and Large Pocket SPIbelts

ashleycass-machu-picchu” The SPIbelt is fantastic! You get it out of the package and think this is never going to hold my phone. But it does! It is stable around your waist and looks great. Makes getting to your stuff a lot easier than an armband I assure you! I love it!!!” – Missy

“As an amateur bodybuilder, I bought the original SPIbelt after I became frustrated using the armband case to house my ipod during my weight training workouts. What I really love about it most is that it does not constrict my bicep muscles during my arm workouts. In addition, the belt is flexible and really stays put whether running on the treadmill or on any of the elliptical machines. Love my SPIbelt!”  – Stella S

“I love my SPIbelt! It doesn’t bounce around at all. Actually, I can barely even tell I’m wearing it. There is plenty of room for my iPhone 5 in a Commuter Series Otterbox. I’m sure I could still squeeze a few more small things into the SPIbelt as well. The REAL best thing about the SPIbelt is that it doesn’t look like a huge fanny pack! LOL I would recommend a SPIbelt to anyone, even if they aren’t runners. Great job!!!!”zackwiz1389-down-and-dirty-philadelphia  – Becky S

“I purchased an SPIbelt to hold my insulin pump when I run agility with my dog. It stays in place, doesn’t bounce or move and I often forget it’s even there. So happy I purchased it and will probably purchase some other items in the future. Great product!” – Elizabeth

“I just love my SPIbelt. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus and it fits perfectly in my large pocket SPIbelt even with a Speck case on it. I don’t even know I am wearing it. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who runs with their phone on them.” – Rob P

“I run 4.5 miles per day and the belt is WAY BETTER than the arm band holders. I was very skeptical about the feel and bounce of the belt. It does not bounce at all and the feel is great. I place the pocket (off midline) for better comfort. It holds my iPhone, keys and ID very well. Great purchase on my part.” – Ed M

“I have the huge Galaxy Note 2 and a bulky case. This SPI Belt fits my phone, an energy bar, and my keys while running with no bounce or trouble. Great product.” – Bryan

Performance Series


“Hands down the best running belt you can purchase. I have owned two, just upgraded to the Performance Series belt and love it. I have run thousands of miles wearing the SPIbelt, I wear it on every run including many many marathons. Fits perfect, you really can not tell if you are wearing it at all and does not bounce even with cell phone inside. You will not be disappointed at all really 5 star product.”  – John P

apburkeEndurance Series

“This is by far my favorite SPIBelt product. I love the amount of things I can fit in here, especially for my long races. The bib toggles work well and I have been able to fit a gel, two sets of of keys and a cell phone and still forget I was wearing the belt. I recommend this to anyone who is doing long distance, endurance events.”  – Jessica K.

“I LOVE THIS. I am training for a marathon and wanted something small to carry my gels and cell phone. This belt is great! Stays in place (no bouncing) and holds EVERYTHING. It is a must for longer runs.” –  Michelle