Never Leave Home Without Me, Your Perfect On-The-Go Companion


Schools are out and the summer heat is just around the corner. In the summertime staying hydrated is generally important but becomes crucial while doing physical activities like bicycling or running outdoors. Why? Because that’s when we tend to sweat more, and sweating causes the body to lose essential water, minerals, and electrolytes.

Unlike before, runners can’t count on quick sips from public water fountains (as many are shut off for health concerns) to hydrate. Therefore, carrying water with you while summer running is the perfect solution to beat the heat. But no one wants to run with a water bottle in their hands. Experienced runners stay hands-free by wearing waist packs or running belts that hold snacks, personal items, and most importantly, water. Running belts, like those from SPIbelt, make running hassle-free and more convenient. And, to compliment any SPIbelt, the SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle also makes hydration convenient by clipping on to any SPIbelt model or design. Even if you don’t own a SPIbelt, the SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle comes in handy by being able to attach to other running and fitness belts or only to leggings or shorts if needed.

But summer is also for fun, right?  And summer plans often include hanging out somewhere outdoors. So, whether you are traveling to a fun location or are blessed to live in a picturesque town with plenty to do outdoors, you should bring along a SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle and enjoy summer activities like:

  • Kayaking – Your hands may be a bit busy while kayaking, but the pull top cap of the SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle makes sipping while on the river easier.

  • Rock Climbing – It can get hot on outdoor rocks, and you have to grip the rocks tight and stay close. The curved shape of the SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle helps keep it close to your body while climbing. Hiking- Not only will you want to bring snacks with you on a hike, but water is essential. The SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle holds 8oz of water, so you can stay focused on the trail and not your thirst.

  • Paddle Boarding– There is nowhere stable to set water on a paddleboard. Usually, you have to carry it in a backpack or drybag near your feet. So instead, make taking a sip of water less of a reach by clipping on a SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle.

Also, don’t forget that an SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle can be used for simple tasks like walking, especially if you are walking a dog. You’ve got the leash, the doggie bag, and probably a phone in your hands. Have one less item to carry by attaching the SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle to your waist. Summertime is almost officially here, and with the past year we’ve all had, everyone is eager to get out. So if you want to enjoy summer activities the best way possible while staying hydrated, clip on your SPI H2O Companion Water Bottle.

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