Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Kristin

I started running when I discovered that Disney had a race where you could run THROUGH the castle. I was definitely not a runner but a HUGE Disney fan and knew I had to take on this challenge, so I registered. The training road was long but running through the castle was worth it all. Crossing that finish line was even better. I had done it…I had just run 13.1 miles! I was hooked. After that, I couldn’t get enough and then 13.1 miles wasn’t long enough and I found myself signed up for the Goofy Challenge, a half marathon and then full marathon back to back. Then shortly after that, the Dopey Challenge, 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2!! Several years later, I’ve run 25+ half marathons, 4 full marathons and a handful of other races, including Hood to Coast, which is by far one of my all-time favorite running experiences EVER. Running has brought me so much joy and so many awesome friendships along the way and I am super excited for another year of running!

Q & A

What quote or motto keeps you motivated?

Lately, I CAN and I WILL keeps me going. I know that I CAN do this and I WILL! I just have to keep this in my head and

What does “free to be” mean to you?

“free to be” means that I’m free to be myself and I’m free from anyone else’s judgement. It’s so hard in the world we live in to not care what anyone else thinks and we strive on other’s feedback, but when you free yourself from the negativity of others, you are FREE TO BE who you really are.

What is your biggest goal for 2018?

Breaking 2.5 hours in the half marathon and 30 minutes in the 5K

Coolest place you have taken your SPIbelt?

My SPIbelt went running with me during Hood to Coast…I joined a team and knew absolutely no one two years ago and have been on the team ever since! This year will be my third year and some of the team members are the same and some are new but it’s my absolute favorite weekend of the entire year!

What is your favorite SPIbelt product and why?

The large pocket SPIbelt – it fits my phone and a gel and my ID – it’s basically magic!

What is your tip for someone just starting out on the running journey?

You don’t have to go fast, you just have to GO! Just put one foot in front of the other and get out the door, which is usually the hardest part for me and I’ve been running for almost eight years now. If you have to stop to walk that’s completely okay, you’re out there moving FORWARD!