SPIbelt Ambassador Roy

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Roy

I used to be a sedentary, obese IT professional until June of 2006. That’s when friends dared me to start the 12-week weight loss challenge that changed my life. Since then, I’ve completed multiple marathons and triathlons (up to half iron), and left my IT job to become a full-time fitness professional and part-time firefighter. My wife and daughters (one adopted, one foster) provide me endless encouragement and support, and more than once have been the reason why I didn’t quit a tough challenge or race. I’m always looking for opportunities to serve and to improve myself.

Q & A

What quote or motto keeps you motivated?    

“Don’t try to be better than your contemporaries or your predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” -William Faulkner

What does “free to be” mean to you?

I don’t have to compare myself to others to find my sense of self-worth.

What is your biggest goal for 2018?

Race with MyTeamTriumph!

Coolest place you have taken your SPIbelt?      

I wore my SPIbelt Endurance Series on my first 50-miler! Also took my SPIbelt Messenger Bag with me to family camp – it got plenty of ooohs and aaahs!

What is your favorite SPIbelt product and why?   

I’ve always loved the original SPIbelt, but I’ve really come to like the H2O Venture Series. The wide strap feels very secure, and I like the waterproof pouch for keeping my phone dry in the rain and during winter months.

What is your tip for someone just starting out on the running journey?

Don’t be intimidated by others who are more experienced. Everyone is on their own journey. Take it one day at a time – there’s plenty of time to improve!