"The first step in thinking outside the box is to stop thinking there's a box."

I used to be a sedentary, obese IT professional until June of 2006. That’s when friends dared me to go the 12-week weight loss challenge that changed my life. After losing 50 pounds in 12 weeks, I went on to lose over 80 total. Since then, I’ve completed multiple marathons and triathlons (up to half iron), and left my IT job to become a full-time fitness professional and part-time firefighter. My wife and daughters (one adopted, one foster) provide me endless encouragement and support, and more than once have been the reason why I didn’t quit a tough challenge or race. My career goals include fitness management, and providing fitness and wellness programs to fire and other first responder departments in my region.

Favorite way to workout? Circuit training with weights or a long run.

Favorite workout jam? I don’t listen to music while I run, but for lifting lately I’ve been listening to 70s funk.

Three things you can’t leave home without? Phone, keys, and a kiss from my wife (not necessarily in that order).

Next thing you want to conquer? Sub-4 hour marathon, Sub-6 hour half iron, and finish a 50-mile run.

What is your biggest accomplishment? Adopted our special-needs daughter from China, hoping to adopt a second through foster care.

What is your favorite SPIbelt product and why? So far, the Original SPIbelt – it works great for just about everything! I own five in various colors and use them ALL THE TIME.