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SPIbelt® is the Original Running Belt made for any activity: Running, hiking, cycling, lifting weights, or just going for a walk. It is made of the highest quality materials, holds your iPhone 6s Plus & 7 Plus (or any large smart phone), keeps personal items snug, stretching to keep everything bounce-free. Get the SPIbelt best for you!
  • Sale! SPIbelt Running Belt, No-Bounce Waist Pack for Runners, Original
    Running Belts

    The Original SPIbelt


    Our Original SPIbelt is the best way to carry items while running or walking. Easily holds iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10, by keeping everything easily accessible.

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  • Large Pockets

    Large Pocket SPIbelt


    The Large Pocket SPIbelt is our most versatile fitness belt. It expands to hold the biggest phones, iPhone®11 Plus, and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

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  • Running Belts

    SPIbelt Flex


    Ideal when you’re hitting the gym or the trail. The buckle position at the front makes it comfortable when lying down or on the workout bench.

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