The SPIbeams™ LED Hat illuminates similar to a headlamp but more comfortable! It also has rear flashing lights for added safety.


Stay Safe and Bright from dusk to dawn with the SPIbeams® LED Hat.
This hat is excellent for illuminating the path in front of you while you are on the trail, city, beach, or wherever you may be! Multiple LED lights on the front and back of the hat ensure that you can see and be seen regardless of how dark it may get. This hat is battery operated and has an easy to use on/off switch. Made from a breathable material, the SPIbeams™ LED Hat allows you to remain cool, bright, and safe.


    • Multiple LEDs on Front and Back
    • Easy On/Off Switch
    • Replaceable Batteries – CR2032
    • Vents for Breathability
    • 128 Lumens

Our products will be with you every step of the way, lighting the way with our SPILITES ™. Check out some of our other LED Light Running Safety and Reflective Gear here.

To activate:
The Power Pack is located on the left side of the head-wear lining.

Powering Front LEDs: On/off located on the underside of the brim.

Powering Rear LEDs: Gently press Velcro Straps until you hear a click to switch through Flash Mode, Constant Mode, or to turn OFF.

Reminder! After removing head-wear: Turn off to preserve battery life by turning off the Power Pack.

First Time Wear:
Battery saver tab located on the back of the hat. Separate the Velcro strap at the rear. On the side which contains the LED circuit, carefully open the pouch, locate the battery saver tab and gently pull free to active the battery.


Care Instructions
1 Remove the two batteries from the Power Pack, located inside of the headgear liner, by unscrewing the two small Phillips screws located closest to the semi-circle. Gently pry open the battery compartment by lifting the tab and remove the two CR2032 batteries. Reinstall the screws for safekeeping.

2 Remove the rear LED assembly located inside the Velcro strap. Place the assembly in a safe place until it can be reinstalled. The rear LED assembly contains one battery.

3 Hand-wash in mild soap and water solution. Do not allow the Power Pack housing to become submerged in water.

4 Allow headgear to air dry thoroughly. Do not dry in the dryer or with forced heat as this may damage the electronics.

5 Once dry, replace the batteries. Take note of the polarity marking (+/-) on the case. Replace the LED assembly in the rear strap.

What type of batteries for does my hat take?
The Power Pack is powered by two CR2032 batteries. The rear LED is powered by a CR1220 battery.

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