SPIbelt Ambassador Samantha

Meet SPIbelt Ambassador Samantha

I’m Sam, the owner and author of TeamSam Fitness, a healthy living blog for women over 40. I am also a runner, fitness junkie, coffee drinking, hot flashing mid-lifer teaching older women that it’s never too late to start living healthy. At the age of 29, married for only a few short years with two children ages three and five, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was not my life that flashed before my eyes; it was theirs. It was school plays, graduations, weddings, grandchildren and a life of retirement, front porches and rocking chairs that motivated me to keep going. And at times, the ability to put one foot in front of the other. That alone set me on a mission to better health. At only 110 pounds (soaking wet), living off of candy bars, burgers and orange sodas, I realized very quickly just how unhealthy I really was. And it was life-changing. But throughout my 30’s with an “all or nothing” approach, it quickly led to disappointments and defeat, causing poor nutritional habits to start creeping in again. Then turning 40 and the emergence of hormones and weight gain, I realized it was time for a permanent change. A change that could only come from a life of balance and moderation rather than a set of unrealistic rules and expectations. I’m now a certified personal trainer and weight loss coach, coaching other women my age to a life of better health.

Q & A

What quote or motto keeps you motivated?    

Slow and steady wins the race.

What does “free to be” mean to you?

Not being labeled by the food you eat, your workouts or your appearance. It’s about finding what works for you, living simply and enjoying life without some crazy, far fetched philosophy that’s out of reach.

What is your biggest goal for 2018?

Continue to inspire and teach other women that it’s never to late to start getting healthy and fit.

Coolest place you have taken your SPIbelt?      

Running the Spartan Race

What is your favorite SPIbelt product and why?   

I prefer the original for the same reason I bought it many years ago-it’s light, easy to wear (I never know it’s there), but still holds all of my essentials.

What is your tip for someone just starting out on the running journey?

With running it doesn’t matter how slow or fast, or how far you run, you’re still a runner. It’s something empowering about running. I feel stronger after every run (even if it’s a bad run, it’s still good run) even if it’s a couple of miles along my dirt road, I always feel like I’ve accomplished a huge feat. There is no competition with anyone else other than myself. Walk first. Don’t try to step out the front door and hit the pavement in a full force run. It will only take a few minutes for you to lose your breath, your legs will begin to ache, you’ll stop and walk while saying to yourself, ‘what in the world am I doing, I can’t do this’. Don’t set yourself up for failure so quickly. Before I began running, I started walking…and not necessarily very far. If all I could do was a mile or less then that’s what I did. But I did try to walk some everyday. If all you can do right now is walk from light pole to light pole, then do it. If all you can do is walk the length of your driveway, then do it. Start slowly and each week or as you can, walk a little further and a little further until you’re walking the distance you want to reach. Then when you decide to run instead of walk, you’ll be better equipped with the endurance and ability to do it.