Welcome to #SPIforward!

For our 10th year, we are paying it forward in a big way! For 10 years, our customers have inspired us, wowed us, and made us believe anything is possible! We want to return this spirit and provide groups dedicated to keeping active and moving forward with FREE SPIbelts for all group members!


  • Your group is 5-100 people
  • You meet on a regular basis during the week (preferably 2x per month minimum)
  • You partake in some type of activity that keeps you moving (i.e. walking, hiking, running, adventuring, sky diving, mountain biking, rowing, gardening, yoga, etc.).
  • You and your group members are active users of social media and would be comfortable sharing our program with friends online.

Please be as detailed as possible because this is selection based. We will review your groups application and will reach out if selected. Please note that this is for groups located within the United States only. Thank you!


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