10 Race Training Tips from the SPIbelt Team

Fall race season is coming and we know you’ll be gearing up and training hard! We asked our SPIbelt team members what some of their best advice is for fall training.

Here are our top 10 tips:

  1. Find a good training group. If there isn’t one near by reach out to an online group so you can get work out suggestions, ideas, or support.
  2. READ. Reading often gets overlooked but it’s so important to learn and get inspired.
  3. Cross train. Keep it fun. Don’t get bored. Check out our cross-training Pinterest board for inspiration!
  4. Find YOUR pre-run meal. Make adjustments to your pre-long run meal during training so that you know what ratio of protein/carbs/veggies works for you. Here are some ideas for healthy meals and energy-boosting snacks!
  5. Make one day a track day. Drills & speed work = huge difference!
  6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Especially the day before a long run or a challenging workout. Toss an electrolyte tablet in your water bottle for some extra flavor and a kick of electrolytes.
  7. Talk about it. Post your results and favorite playlists to social media. You may find you have friends that are also training who can encourage you and share tips with you. Need some extra motivation? Try some of our favorite #fitspiration quotes.
  8. Dress right. Remember that you’ll warm up quickly so don’t overdress. That way you won’t have to shed layers and deal with extra clothing while running.
  9. Bring the essentials. Put a chapstick in your SPIbelt. Your lips will get extra dry in the cold air! Also throw in some energy gels for those long runs.
  10. App up. Download fitness and music apps to help put you in a training state of mind. Then put your phone in your SPIbelt and GO!