SPIbelt and the Diabetic Community

Our medical SPIbelts are perfect for individuals living with diabetes and other medical conditions. Our medical belts are comfortable and can be discreetly worn over or under your clothing. It’s perfect for carrying medical supplies like insulin pumps, EpiPen®, inhalers, insulin vials, pens, syringes, blood glucose meters, fast-acting glucose, and more. The medical SPIbelts will keep your equipment safe and secure so you can have access anytime you need.

In the past, SPIbelt has sponsored a college scholarship through the Diabetes Scholars Foundation. SPIbelt has also launched the #T1DSPI program, which not only provides a 50% discount on SPIbelt Medical belts to children with a new Type 1 diagnosis, but also offers words of experience from parents and children in the T1D community.  This is in addition to SPIbelt’s continued partnerships with Beyond Type 1 (BT1), founded by Nick Jonas who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of thirteen (www.beyondtype1.org), as well as involvement with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), which raises awareness and educates others on life with Type 1 diabetes.

SPIbelt also participates in the Friends for Life event sponsored by Children with Diabetes, an annual Florida event, which connects and educates Type 1 diabetics and their families. Finally, SPIbelt’s community diabetes outreach extends to the Children’s Diabetes Camp of Central Texas, Camp Bluebonnet, which they have sponsored for the past 4 years and provide a SPIbelt to each camper every year.

Diabetic SPIbelt

Our Diabetic SPIbelt lets individuals carry their medical supplies comfortably and discreetly. Our no-bounce technology ensures your insulin pumps, glucose meters, test trips, and more will stay securely attached at all times. Our Diabetic SPIbelt can accommodate cords and tubing through a reinforced pass-through hole behind the pocket of the belt.

“This item is perfect for my insulin pump. I wear it whenever I am in my karate class, when I’m biking, and whenever I’m wearing a pocketless outfit. I recommend it to diabetic friends all of the time. Thanks for coming out with this item” – Jenn, 5 stars

Non-logo Diabetic SPIbelt

Our Non-Logo Diabetic SPIbelt is the best and discreet way to wear your medicine on you comfortably. Our belt fits most diabetic equipment as well as EpiPens, glucose meters and more. Our no-bounce technology works to keep your valuables in place and secure.

“I wear this whenever I’m in street or athletic clothes. Absolutely the best product for my insulin pump. Works great during vigorous exercise/activities, and keeps the pump discrete and secure around town. Highly recommend!!!!” – Steve P, 5 stars



“My son has had an insulin pump since December 2013. He wears a SPIbelt to keep it in. This is the BEST product. Light weight and easy use. All Matthew has to do is unzip, pull the pump out to administer insulin, drop it back in, and zip it up. I even have a fellow nurse that uses a pump wearing a SPIbelt. T ball season starts soon and I’m going to order him a new SPIbelt in his team colors!” -Mathew’s mom, 5 stars


“My daughter was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic at age 3. She is now 5 and we have used the SpiBelt for her insulin pump since day 1. This is a rugged and durable product that can withstand 24/7 use and abuse of a toddler. We have no issues with this product and will continue to use and order as long as it is available. Thank you SpiBelt for making this one less challenge to deal with on a daily basis.” -Rick, 5 stars


“My daughter has Type 1 diabetes and has used these pump packs for about 6 years, best product out there! It is very durable and she loves it because she can run without worrying about losing her pump or it bumping around. The Spibelt has definitely improved my daughter’s lifestyle with Type 1. Thank you Spibelt.” -Elsa, 5 stars


Sign up for the #T1DSPI program, here.