Meet Kim Overton


How We Started

The big idea started in 2006 when our founder, Kim Overton, went for a run and faced a problem familiar to runners, where to stash her keys. She tried her bra top but that was by no means comfortable. Frustrated but motivated, Kim purchased the materials for the initial prototype, and began creating an answer. 

Soon, Kim had assembled the first belt and quickly knew she was onto something.. A few months and iterations later, she chose the name SPIbelt – which stands for small, personal item belt, then filed the first patent and trademark. SPIbelt officially launched at the Austin Marathon in February of 2007.

Now you can find SPIbelt products in over a thousand stores across the US and in over 40 countries. Even with SPIbelt’s international success, its headquarters remain in Austin, TX where the Original SPIbelts are still handmade.


Kim inherited her sewing skills from her mother and grandmother, who both sewed quite a bit as she grew up. In fact, Kim thought of SPIbelt while living with her grandmother, who helped her assemble the first couple thousand SPIbelts. Kim often wonders who might still have one of the original belts her grandmother helped make.

Also, Kim’s grandfather, Volma Overton Sr., was a legendary civil rights leader in Austin, TX, who instilled in her justice and equal rights for all. As a minority growing up with plenty of unpleasant encounters of discrimination, Kim never doubted her rights or her ability to reach for the stars and go after her dreams. This sense of fearlessness and conviction to pursue a goal was passed on to her by her granddad.

Continued Excellence

Kim created SPIbelt to solve a small problem: “Where am I going to hold this while I run?” Since then, SPIbelt has developed the SPI Distance Pro hydration belt, the Diabetic Insulin Pump Belt, the SPI Messenger Bag, and other innovative products that help solve every day needs and lifesaving issues.

We strive daily to produce products that enable you to be your best active self.  It is your stories, feedback, and passion that keep us moving forward, that fuels our team and innovation process. We love hearing from you! Stay active, and stay connected at


and the T1D Community

Learn more about how SPIbelt works closely with the diabetic community. We offer specialty belts for children & adults with Type 1 diabetes.

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