10 Reasons You Know You're a Runner

10 Reasons You Know You're a Runner

You Might be a Runner if…

Runners are unique and love their sport; so much so that running becomes a lifestyle. For example, running shapes many aspects of a runner’s life like meal planning and vacation schedules. So, how can one tell a true runner? Well, you might be a runner if…

  1. You can tell the distance you’ve run without a watch. Runners have the option to use apps to check progress and know distances, but avid runners do not rely on them, they can sense when they’ve only run 5.99 miles. Real runners easily know how far they have run.

  2. Easy miles turn into a competitive run. A runner may start out wanting to run just a couple of miles, but what’s another mile or two or three or five miles?

  3. You always have an appetite! Running is one of the best exercises for burning calories (800 calories/per hour), so it’s no wonder that runners always seem to have an appetite. Although going overboard every meal is never a good idea, runners have more leeway with what they can get away with – even carbs are encouraged!

  4. You have a big running shoe collection. Runners love their never-ending collection of running shoes. And, getting new shoes comes with the excitement of researching, testing, and selecting a new favorite. Since running shoes generally last about six months to a year, runners have ample opportunities to get more and more.

  5. You know every running route and trail where you live. Runners know all the running routes, secret little paths, or cool trails in town because they plan to run them or already have. Runners use any tool accessible to look for new routes – smartphone apps, maps, or checking online.

  6. You’re always hydrating. Runners sweat and need to replenish fluid lost from sweating on runs with electrolytes and water. Constantly running means always hydrating. And when a runner needs hydration during a run, a running belt such as the Distance Pro SPIbelt will comec in handy.

  7. You have no fear of porta-potties. Porta-potty – no problem. You gotta go when you gotta go, and runners are so used to running “off-grid” they can go almost anywhere.

  8. Your solution to feeling better is to go for a run. Running is shown to relieve stress, and after a certain threshold, runs boost energy. There is nothing better than a run to help the worry and stress of life float away.

  9. You have more running clothes than normal clothes. A runner might not have a regular outfit for every occasion but will most likely have a running outfit to fit every type of run or mood. Also, runners can show their sense of style through accessories like running belts.

  10. You’re up and at it on at least one of the weekend mornings. The weekends just mean more time for running. During the week, morning runs may need to be cut short due to work but on the weekends, you can run as long as you want. So, up and at it.