12 Benefits of a Running Belt

According to a recent survey, almost 60% of active adults say that running outdoors is one of the best ways to stay fit. People love getting outside and going for a run because of all the benefits it can provide for both their bodies and minds.

One thing people don't love, though, is trying to find a way to carry all of their things when they go out on runs. It can be very difficult trying to juggle wallets, car keys, smartphones, and more when you're running.

Buying a running belt is an excellent way to get around this. There are lots of different types of running belts you can buy to hold all your things while you're out on a run.

You should look into buying the best running belt money can buy so that you're able to take advantage of it. Check out the 12 biggest benefits of using a running belt below.

1. Holds Your Things

Unless you like going on runs in big, bulky cargo shorts (and who wants to do that?!), you aren't going to be able to fit things like your wallet, car keys, and smartphone into the pockets of your running shorts. As a result, you might be forced to carry them in your hands while you run.

To avoid having to do this, all you'll need to do is stick a running belt around your waist. It'll hold whatever you would like in it and help you keep things out of your pockets while you run.

You'll be surprised to see just how many things you can fit into something like this running belt.

2. Secures Your Possessions

The last thing you want to do is drop your photo ID or your car key when you're out on a run. But that's exactly what might happen if you have these kinds of items rattling around in pockets that don't have a zipper on them.

If you want to make sure you don't lose anything while you're running, you should strap on a running belt and put your possessions in it. It'll keep all the items that you'll need to tuck away while you're running safe and sound.

If nothing else, purchasing a running belt and putting it to good use will provide you with peace of mind as you run. You'll be able to focus on other things as opposed to worrying about your possessions falling out of your pockets and going missing.

3. Provides Easy Access to Items

For the most part, you won't need many of the things that you'll put into your running belt while you're out on a run. There won't be a huge need for something like your ID or your car key.

But you might need to get access to, say, your smartphone at a moment's notice. When this is the case, you'll like that you can simply unzip your running belt and get to it with ease.

In most cases, you won't even have to stop running to retrieve something from your jogging belt. You can take it out, use it, and put it away in a matter of just seconds while continuing to keep your usual pace.

4. Keeps You Comfortable

Part of the reason why running will get you into such good shape is that it will provide both your body and your mind with a workout. You'll be able to push yourself to the limit as you run to get into the best shape possible over time.

But you might not be able to do this if you aren't comfortable while running. And you may find that your comfort will be negatively impacted when you have things like your wallet and keys in your pockets or in your hands.

A running belt is going to feel super comfortable from the second you put it on. You'll come to appreciate just how comfy it feels while you're running around with it.

5. Allows You to Maintain Good Form

To make the most of all your runs, you're going to need to maintain proper running form at all times. If you don't use good form, it might take a toll on everything from your hips to your knees to your feet.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that good running form only involves the top halves of their bodies. But in reality, it's every bit as important for you to be able to swing your arms and hands in the right way while you run. They can help propel you forward as you run.

You may, however, find that you'll struggle to maintain good form if you have things in your hands while you run. You might also have a tough time keeping your form if you're always reaching for things in your pockets.

A running belt will keep your running form intact. You'll get so much more out of your runs when your arms and hands are free to help you with your form.

6. Ensures You Have First-Aid Supplies

Under normal circumstances, running is one of the least dangerous forms of exercise you can do. You shouldn't have to be too concerned about getting hurt while you're out on a run.

But there is always at least a small chance that you might sustain an injury while you're running that could require some medical attention. If, for instance, you're running through a wooded area, you might trip over a branch and skin your knee.

When something like this happens, you'll want to have first-aid supplies around so that you can treat an injury. You can keep at least some supplies, like antibacterial wipes and bandages, right in your running belt so that they're always close by.

In some other cases, you may need to keep an EpiPen with you or diabetic supplies.  A running belt is perfect for carrying small medical supplies.

7. Protects Your Things From the Elements

If you know that a bad storm is on the radar, you might want to think about skipping a run or, at the very least, delaying it until the storm passes. But if a storm comes through out of nowhere while you're already out on a run, you might not be able to seek shelter, especially if you're out on a running path in the middle of a park.

In this case, you'll definitely want to have a running belt wrapped around your waist. You might get soaked during a storm, but you'll be able to keep all the things you have with you protected from the elements.

You don't ever want to allow things like your wallet, your car keys, or your smartphone to get wet. The rain could do significant damage to them, and it might cost you a lot of money to replace them.

8. Makes You Look Stylish

There will be certain days when you aren't going to feel like looking stylish when you head out on a run. But there will also be other days when you'll want to show off your best workout gear to let people know that you're a serious runner.

On these days, you're going to love the way that a running belt can complement your running gear. It'll take your whole look to another level, and it might even put you in a better state of mind while you run.

9. Helps Other People See You

Are you someone who occasionally likes to go for runs either very early in the morning or on the later side at night? If so, you will want to wear gear that will make it easy for people to spot you.

Sadly, there are thousands of pedestrians who are killed on American streets every year. This includes quite a few runners who get hit and killed by cars while they're running in the morning and at night.

Not every running belt is going to make it easier for drivers to see you. But something like this jogging belt is made out of a reflective material that will make you easy to spot.

You probably won't want to rely on this running belt alone to protect you when you're out running. But when you wear it with other reflective gear, it'll make it pretty much impossible for drivers to miss you, even when it's pitch black outside.

10. Costs You Very Little

After hearing about the many benefits of buying a running belt, you may be under the impression that purchasing one is going to cost a pretty penny. You'll have to spend at least $50 on one, right?

In some instances, you might get stuck investing in a running belt that will cost you that much money. But if you're going to spend that kind of money, you better be getting your hands on a very high-end running belt that will be perfect for those who run marathons.

Otherwise, you shouldn't have to worry about spending anywhere close to $50 on a running belt. A good running belt can be yours for under $40 and sometimes even under $30 in some cases.

11. Lets You Stay Hydrated

If you only run a few miles at a time, you might be able to get away with not bringing water with you when you go running. But if you're someone who likes to go on very long runs, you might wish there was a convenient way to bring a bottle of water with you.

Well, now there is! With the right running belt, you can clip an eight-ounce bottle of water right to it. You won't have any issues staying hydrated when you have it by your side.

You also won't need to worry about a bottle of water like this weighing you down as you run. It'll stay in place without adding too much weight to your running belt.

It's very important for all runners to stay hydrated before, during, and after runs. If you're not making it a point to drink plenty of water while you run, buying a running belt might help you to make it a much bigger priority from now on.

12. Comes in Handy in Other Areas of Your Life

A running belt is obviously for running. That will be its primary purpose.

But once you buy one and begin using it, you'll quickly find that you can use a running belt in so many other areas of your life. It's going to come in handy when you go to walk the dog. It's also going to come in handy when you're traveling and exploring a new city.

Before long, you might even want to go as far as to invest in a few different types of running belts for all different purposes. You'll wonder why you didn't think to buy them so much sooner.

You aren't going to regret spending $30 or $40 on a running belt at all. You'll get your money's worth with it, and you'll find that you will come up with new ways to use it all the time.

Purchase a Running Belt Today

If you enjoy running on a regular basis but hate that your hands are always full while you're out on runs, you need to pick up a running belt ASAP. You'll be amazed by how much better you feel following your runs when you have a running belt around your waist.

It won't be long before you're asking yourself how you survived without a running belt. It's going to change running for you forever and help you fall even deeper in love with running.

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