5 Reasons SPIbelt Water Resistant Pocket & Gel Loops ROCKS!!!

– By George Melichar


The first time I ran a marathon I was focused on navigating through the expo and getting to the race on time the next morning. I never thought about what I was going to do with my keys, mobile phone, energy gels, identification/passport, and lip balm. In training I was accustomed to running with a large backpack or small plastic bag; but then I discovered 5 reasons to wear SPIbelt Water Resistant Pocket & Gel Loops!



  1. Comfort: I put on the SPIbelt and run…its as simple as that! The wide elastic band is great for stability, does not bounce, and does not feel awkward to wear in a race or training.
  2. Organized: The night before a race I put my energy gel in the holsters. I pack my lip balm, identification / passport, cash, and later my mobile phone in the water-resistant pocket. Then I attach my race Bib# to the SPIbelt cord and toggles attached to the belt. If you’re training I recommend keeping your week’s training goals in the pocket.
  3. Water-Resistant Pocket: Rain storms, water stations, cooling stations, sweat, and broken energy gel can be a nightmare on a mobile phone; but knowing my small personal item belt pocket is water-resistant gives me peace of mind.
  4. Functional Style: I can lead an active lifestyle without feeling like I am wearing a suit of armor. The reflective trim around the pocket zipper adds visibility. Pocket expands to 7″” x 3″” x 2″” and the belt fits waist size 31″” through 52″”.
  5. Affordable: The SPIbelt Water Resistant Pocket & Gel Loops is a great investment for approximately $26.99 before tax.

The SPIbelt Water Resistant Pocket & Gel Loops is great for athletes at all levels of experience. You can learn more about SPIbelt products and styles by visiting their site.

Run-Love-Rock! George Melichar