5 Ways the SPI H2O Companion Bottle Helped My Routine

Please welcome George Melichar to the SPIbelt blog!
He is guest posting today with a review of our SPI H2O™ Companion.

Running my errands and training in New Orleans has lead me to be creative when searching for water fountains, often making water stops at businesses or parks. If you see me running in the Garden District I usually have a backpack with an awkward bottle I refill. Incorporating the SPI H2O Companion into my everyday routine and training helped me in the following 5 ways.

  1. The bottle holds 6oz (175 ml) = I could track if I was hydrating properly.
  2. I found the lightweight ergonomic design of the bottle interacted with the contours of my body efficiently and safely. The grips on the side of the bottle add extra stability when reaching for the bottle while running.
  3. The Jet Nozzle is leak-free and made of silicon.
  4. The bottle is LDPE plastic, the lid is Polypropylene Plastic, and both pieces are BPA free.
  5. Cleaning is E-A-S-Y! The SPI H2O Companion is top rack dishwasher safe but I always recommend hand washing plastics.


IMG_5578I have to tell y’all… I really enjoyed using this product! The night before I would prepare my athletic bag, I filled my bottles with water and stored them in the fridge so they were chilled for the next day. When I wore the bottle in a 5k race I was concerned for friction and weight; but I forgot I had the bottle on till I was getting close to the hydration stations. I wore 2 bottles on the back of my SPIBelt rather than the front – as a personal running preference.

My SPI Messenger Bag is one of my favorite everyday accessories and the bottle worked comfortably with the bag and my daily activities. The SPI H2O Companion is a great product for hikes, the beach, race walking, bar crawls and Mardi Gras day!

#RunLoveRock Geo