A Buyer’s Guide To SPIbelts: Which Belt Is Right For You?

Whether you’re training for a 10K marathon, going for a hike through the mountains, or just running errands around town, a SPIbelt can be the perfect tool to carry your essentials safely and snugly.  But not all SPIbelts are made alike, and certain products are specially designed to fit your distinct needs.  From our Diabetic SPIbelt to our Kids’ SPIbelt, you’ll be sure to find a belt that’s tailor-made to give you the support you need when you need it.

With that in mind, here are a few of the best SPIbelts for different needs:


Running at night or in the early hours of the morning is a common habit for people who work during the day and want to fit a little exercise into their routine, but decreased visibility at night can make running when the sun is down more dangerous.  Thanks to the  Reflective Running Belt, you can run any time you like with a little extra added safety.  

This SPIbelt comes with a reflective pocket and logo on the elastic waistband, which makes you visible to passing drivers in all directions and keeps you safe on the go.  Not only does the Reflect Running Belt increase your visibility and safety in the dusk and dark, but it also contains a large pocket to hold all your basic essentials like a phone, wallet, and keys. 


One of the biggest benefits of an SPIbelt is its small size, which won’t weigh you down the way larger bags and fanny packs will.  However, sometimes you need a little extra space when taking your SPIbelt on the go while traveling.  The Large Pocket SPIbelt expands to hold even larger smartphones such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max or the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.  

It can also hold travel documents such as your ID and even your passport to help you keep everything you need close at hand.  The next time you plan a trip, use this SPIbelt to keep all your travel accessories safe and secure, right where you need it. If you’re looking for an option that can replace a purse, we also recommend our SPIbelt crossbody


Diabetes requires regularly monitoring one’s blood glucose numbers.  Running without the help of a blood glucose meter or insulin pump can be dangerous, which is why the  Diabetic SPIbelt is such a valuable tool.  Not only is it comfortable enough for daily wear, but it’s specifically designed to carry an insulin pump and other medical products.  

The belt is designed to comfortably accommodate cords and infusion tubing through a reinforced pass-through hole.  In addition to insulin pumps and blood glucose meters, the Diabetic SPIbelt can hold test strips, syringes, insulin vials or pens, and even some fast-acting glucose to get your blood sugar levels back on track.  With the proper SPIbelt, diabetes doesn’t need to hold you back from making running a major part of your life.


Being active is important for people of all ages, which is why we’ve designed the  Kids’ SPIbelt to accommodate younger users as they run, jump, dance, and play.  This is especially helpful for kids who have medical needs that require them to carry certain medical devices with them as they go about their active lives.  Not only can the belt accommodate cords and infusion tubing for an insulin pump, but it can also carry inhalers or EpiPens for those who need them.

The Kids’ SPIbelt securely and comfortably holds everything your child needs so that they can run wild and have fun without a care in the world.  The comfortable, soft elastic prevents chafing while holding up for even the most active kids.

High Intensity

High intensity interval training is one of the most popular ways to exercise, giving you maximum results through short bursts of intense activity.  But the more intense the exercise, the more secure you need your belt to be.  The SPIbelt Performance Series comes with a sturdy buckle and glides that keep your essentials safe and secure during even the most vigorous exercise.  The pocket and zipper are also weather-resistant, giving you more protection against the elements.  

Not only is the SPIbelt Performance Series good for high intensity exercise, but it’s also perfect for marathons thanks to the four elastic loops on the waistband.  These loops can hold extra supplies such as clip-on keys, energy gels, or even safety devices such as pepper spray.  If you’re looking for a belt that can accommodate extra supplies in a secure and comfortable way, the SPIbelt Performance Series will give you the support you need.

Distance Running

If you’re a long-distance runner, then you know the importance of finding something lightweight and comfortable to carry your essentials.  Endurance is key to long-distance running, and there’s nothing worse than being distracted by chafing or bouncing from your belt.  The Distance Pro SPIbelt combines our Performance PRO SPIbelt with two of our highly rated  SPI H20 Companion bottles making it the ultimate hydration belt. The two, 8-ounce bottles can be placed anywhere on the elastic, allowing runners to maximize comfort. This running belt is built for durability and can keep up with your longest runs. 

Everyday Use

Pretty much everyday, you need a way to carry your essentials while running errands or walking around the city.  The SPI Crossbody gives you the freedom to carry the basics hands-free without needing to lug around a backpack or purse.  

This belt is designed to be longer than most SPIbelts, allowing you to wear it over the shoulder or however you choose.  However, it doubles as a traditional running SPIbelt by double wrapping the belt around your waist.  This versatile SPIbelt offers you function, versatility, comfort, and style all in one unisex belt.

If you’re looking to add a little exercise to your life, then a SPIbelt can be the perfect way to keep your essentials safe and close at hand no matter what your needs are.  Browse our collections page to find more SPIbelts that can help you stay active in style!