Alternate Uses for your SPIbelt

The SPIbelt is a simple product with an infinite amount of potential. While most fans use their SPIbelts while running or to store diabetes accessories, there’s plenty more that can be done with this one accessory. Take a peek at some alternate ways to put your SPIbelt to practical (and sometimes silly) use!

Kid Carryall

Meg is the proud mother of twins, and as you can see from the photo above, is quite innovative with her SPIbelt. You can use it tote bottles, toys, snacks, and other kid-friendly goodies needed on the go.


Doggie Backpack

When she isn’t running, Tania’s kids get creative with her SPIbelt. She writes: “Little Murray Sparkles enjoys giving rides to his stuffed pup, Bowie, who never falls off thanks to SPIbelt. Or so my kids think.”

Makeup Holder

Want to bring along that lipstick, but don’t want to tote around your entire cosmetics collection? Just have some eyeliner to throw in your purse, but don’t want the cap coming off? Tired of spending twenty minutes digging through your bag for one tube of lip balm? Throw minor makeup items (and some sunscreen, for good measure) in your SPIbelt and you’re good to go! Our belts look good, and help you look good.


Stretch it Out

All athletes know that stretching before a workout is a good idea. And since you already have a SPIbelt, why not put it to further use? Use your belt to stretch your legs, arms, back and any other body part that needs to loosen up!


Ice Pack Holder

Getting injured stinks, and having to hold a back of frozen veggies on your injury stinks even more. Use your SPIbelt to get an ice pack on your leg. (And then take a break with some Netflix!)