Beginner Running Tips

Want to start running, but find it intimidating?

Here are a few helpful tips to get started:

  1. Just start!
    Begin by making running a habit, even if you go on just a short little run. Get moving and don’t worry about your pace!
  2. Build up.
    Start off with running for a shorter amount of time, like 10 minutes, and consistently build up that amount of time you are moving.
    Easing into mileage will help you avoid injuries! Though it can be exciting to go for longer runs, just make sure to build up so you don’t hurt yourself.
  3. Set goals.
    Create daily and/or weekly goals for time spent running and mileage. Seeing this written down on a calendar or piece of paper can make this easier to do. Setting weekly goals and keeping track of your mileage with a running log can make it easier to hit a larger mileage goal. You can also plan mileage according to what you have to do that day. Save longer runs or more intense runs on days where you have time to rest afterwards.
  4. Gear up.
    You don’t have to break the bank with your running gear, just find a few pieces that make your runs easier for you. Make sure to do some research on what shoes are best for your feet (especially if you’re flat-footed, where your foot strikes when running, etc.) Try out different activewear, from sports bras to socks, and see what is most comfortable for you. And don’t forget your SPIbelt! This is essential for the perfect hands-free run. You can store your phone, key, cards, and any other small personal items with you while you are on the go. We recommend the Performance Series since it has a weather-resistant zipper and pocket. It’s perfect to keep your items safe from sweat and the elements.
  5. Running buddy.
    Find a friend or two to run with, this is a great way to not only get to know somebody better, but push your pace. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you build stamina and get faster. Running with someone is also a safer option for you early morning or late evening runs when it’s darker outside, or for trail runs, so you don’t get lost alone!
  6. Listen to music or a podcast.
    Pick out a playlist or podcast before your run. Maybe you choose music with a faster beat and tempo for a speed oriented running workout, and opt podcasts for a long run. Listening to something can help pass the time, and also motivate you to keep going or start moving faster. It’s nice to have this selected before you leave for your run, so you don’t have to fumble with your phone while on the move.
  7. Consistency is key.
    Running will become easier over time, especially when you put the daily work in! Don’t give up and remember to let your body rest and recover. Stretch, roll-out and ice those legs for the ultimate recovery.