Fall Training Must-Haves from Blogger Run Megan Run

Please welcome blogger Run Megan Run to the SPIbelt blog! She’s guest posting today with her list of fall training must-haves.

It’s supposedly almost fall (I’m celebrating a high of “only” 85 here in Southern California today!), and as the seasons change, it’s important to make sure the tools and gear you have on you for your training runs change, too. There are some things that I keep on me year-round, but it’s never too late to start adjusting as the calendar does too!

What do I take with me on my runs?

  1. ID – this could be your actual ID or some ID band that you wear on your wrist or clipped to your shoe. I rarely run solo, but it’s never a bad idea for a running buddy to know your emergency contacts, either, just in case!
  2. Lip Balm – Especially as the seasons change and the wind pick up, my lips and face are notorious for chapping so terribly. I’ve made sure that an extra lip balm basically lives in my SPIbelt so I don’t have to suffer until I make it home.
  3. Reflective Gear – It’s getting light later and dark earlier, so reflective gear should start being one of your automatic go-to items. Safety, friends! Check out these reflective SPIbands – both functional to hold small items while you work out, but reflective too! Win-win.
  4. Headlamp – There are plenty of small ones or clip-on ones that can hang to the bill of your hat if you’re not a fan of a tight strap around your head. But especially in those zombie-like hours, you need to make sure that you’re seen as much as possible!
  5. Fuel – It’s still hot and you’re still burning plenty of energy and calories, so especially on those long runs make sure you’re carrying extra fuel with you. There’s a few new fall flavors making their appearance – maple bacon, apple cinnamon! All those flavors that make you feel all snuggly because you know that cool weather is coming (enjoy it for me).

I love my SPIbelt because I can still carry and manage everything without freaking about which of my five pockets my lip balm went into.

What are your training run/fitness must-haves as we enter a new season?