Five Genius Packing Tips To Help You Travel Like A Pro

Maybe you are finally taking that dream international vacation or perhaps you are just leaving for a short weekend getaway. Regardless, packing can see like a stressful and daunting task. Will I need this? Is this too much? What if I didn’t pack enough? How can I make this all fit into my carry-on? These questions fill our head every time we pack to go on a trip. But before you start haphazardly stuffing your entire wardrobe into a suitcase, take a minute to devise a packing strategy. By packing more efficiently not only will travel be easier, but living out of a suitcase will be no big deal. Below we’ve broken down our top packing tips that will have you feeling like a regular globetrotter in no time. Happy travels!

1) Choose Multitasking Pieces

Overpacking is a travel no-no. While you’ll want to have everything you need for all scenarios, accomplish this by packing pieces that do double duty rather than choosing to bring more stuff. Pieces that can be worn multiple ways give you more versatility to mix and match throughout your trip, allowing you to create more outfits with less clothing. Another trick is to keep everything you pack to a similar color palette to assure it can all be worn together.

2) Maximize Space

Once you’ve selected what you’re going to bring, it’s time to figure out how to fit it all in your suitcase. First, tightly roll up wrinkle resistant items like workout clothing, t-shirts, and jeans and arrange them along the bottom of your suitcase. Once you’ve formed this base layer, place folded items that are more prone to wrinkles on top and fill any extra space with small items like socks and underwear. Anything big and bulky, like a winter coat, wear or carry during travel. Not only will you maximize suitcase space this way, but you’ll help prevent creasing and wrinkles so you don’t have to spend your trip ironing.

3) Create a Travel-Only Toiletry Kit

Rather than trying to empty your bathroom cabinet and stuff it into your suitcase, create a travel-only toiletry kit to grab and go before any trip. Keep it stocked at all times with mini versions of the items you use daily so you’ll never be without something you need. Plus, if you decide to carry-on rather than checking a bag all liquids must be under 3.4 oz. as per TSA rules. A pre-approved kit will save you from getting stopped at airport security so you can start your trip on the right foot.

4) Store All valuables In Your Carry-on

You probably already know this one, but never put any valuable items in a checked bag. That goes for jewelry, laptops, your passport, or other expensive or sentimental items. Every time you check a bag you run the risk of it getting lost and you don’t want to chance these items disappearing along with your suitcase. Instead, always pack these items in your carry-on so they’re with you at all times.

5) Stash An Extra Bag In Your Suitcase

Between shopping for yourself and buying souvenirs for loved ones, chances are you’ll be coming home with more than you brought. In case you can’t fit it all in your suitcase or want to avoid paying extra for overweight luggage, always pack a collapsable duffle bag to use on your return trip. Believe it or not, on some airlines the cost to check a second bag is actually less than the overage fee for overweight luggage. You may not need to use the second bag, but better safe than sorry!

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