Get Fit with Your Valentine! Dates for an Active Lifestyle

Get Fit with Your Valentine! Dates for an Active Lifestyle

February is a notable month. It is Black History Month, American Heart Month (a time to take care of heart health), and the month of Valentine’s Day when our emotional hearts come into focus. Now, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you want to plan something special for your partner or with friends while improving your health. Look below to get some outdoor date ideas for Valentine’s or Galentine‘s Day perfect for the active or running lifestyle.

A run date
One of the activities you can do on Valentine’s Day is to find a unique or romantic path and go on a run together. If you are lucky enough to live near water like the ocean, go on a beach run! Or find a lake and run around or alongside it. Take advantage of bodies of water because water makes everything more romantic. However, regardless of what type of water may be available in your area, every place has the sun. So wherever you are, plan a run date at sunrise or sunset and enjoy daybreak or a beautiful sunset during the run. Furthermore, despite what you do for your run date, the important thing is that you are together – especially if you’re not a runner, but your partner is; offering to run together is a sweet gesture for this special day.

A hike or walk
Or maybe Valentine’s Day is the day to slow the pace down a bit and have an active rest day. In that case, instead of a run,
take a scenic hike or serene walk together. Time in nature means improved focus, and this means you can focus on each other while breathing in the fresh air. Also, pack a beverage of choice, and during or at the end of the walk, find a place to sit for a moment and enjoy the views, each other’s company, or the stars.

A bike ride
Fewer things can make you feel as connected with your partner as breaking a sweat together. And one way to do so is to go bike riding together. Use Valentine’s Day as the opportunity to
bicycle together and bonus points for bringing an outdoor meal along. If so, pick a great spot on the bike trail and enjoy! Not only is a picnic a great way to avoid the restaurant crowds, but it is also a good opportunity to carb-load and lets you and your partner get in your carbs guilt-free. Of course, on Valentine’s Day, it is easier to go overboard on carbs, so choose wisely.

A yoga date
For those who want to be active and also get a good stretch, think about going on a
yoga date. Even runners need to break up the routine, and this is a great way to do so. Plus, a good yoga session can stretch out hamstrings and other tight muscles in the body. Also, try couples yoga if you are lucky enough to have it in your city. After yoga, you will both feel blissful, refreshed, and overall relaxed.

Although Valentine’s Day mainly focuses on romantic couples, the day before it is Galentine’s Day, a time to celebrate platonic female friendships. And, the above activities can be done with gal pals as well. Regardless, what matters most on Galentine or Valentine’s Day is that you share the love – love for your friends or that special someone, and of course love for the most important person – you. And loving you by maintaining health and fitness is the best form of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!