Global Running Day

Global Running Day

What is Global Running Day?

On the first Wednesday of June each year, runners across the U.S. and around the globe observe and participate in Global Running Day.

This day is a great way for runners everywhere to celebrate running and reaffirm their commitment and passion for the sport by pledging to take part in running activities. Participants of all ages and levels can pledge to run by entering their names into the Global Running Day website.

How Did Global Running Day Start?

Running organizations in the United States partnered to create the first National Running Day event in 2009. And soon, National Running Day grew into a worldwide event, Global Running Day. In 2016 over 2.5 million runners from more than 170 nations pledged to run over 9 million miles to launch the inaugural Global Running Day. Now, National Running Day and Global Running Day are the same.

How Do You Participate in Global Running Day?

Runners can observe Global Running Day in many ways. As a runner, you can stick to your normal routine or run a few extra miles next Wednesday. Dedicated runners may want to participate in a marathon while those new to running might just run around the neighborhood or take the day as an opportunity to commit to the running lifestyle. If you are wanting to run with a group take this opportunity to check your local running store. You can run alone or with some friends during this event. Choose your level of comfort. The point is to place one foot in front of the other and just run!

Afterward, to celebrate your accomplishment, post a picture of yourself on social media using the hashtag #GlobalRunningDay and #spibelt.

SPIbelt Can Support You on Global Running Day.

To make the best out of Global Running Day, you will need the best running gear and accessories. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered!

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Have fun and show your sense of style on Global Running Day.

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Whether new to running or an avid runner, Global Running Day is the opportunity to show the world your love and commitment to the sport of running. Get ready, get set …and go!