Healthy Hydration How-Tos

It’s that time of year again, where those of us who live in the south (SPIbelt is based in Austin, Texas) step out of our a/c into the lovely 100+ weather and immediately start to sweat. Oh, Texas, how we love you. While most of the country is now starting to defrost from one of the coldest winters on record, it’s time to shift gears and prep for the summer months. There is one important factor all runners need to remember: HYDRATION. The recommended daily water intake is not only important to your health, but also increases your athletic performance and ability. Studies have shown that dehydration causes a decline in performance which is why it is important to drink up as the weather heats up. It’s recommended that women drink a little over 2 liters of water a day, and men 3 liters a day, according to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic. Our friends over at Runner’s World have created a list of “Sipping Points” for runners to follow to maintain hydration throughout their workouts. A couple of the main pointers are pre-hydrating before your workout and following a hydration schedule during your workout. The amount of fluid you need depends on the length of your intended workout. Take a look at the rest of the “Sipping Points” and start improving your hydration and your workout today!
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