How to Carry Your Energy On-The-Go

How to Carry Your Energy On-The-Go

When you’re running or biking, you need energy to keep you going. Especially for longer runs, proper hydration and nutrition before, during, and after are essential to avoid fatigue.

Read below to find out what you need to know about energy on-the-go.

Stay hydrated
First of all, never run dehydrated. Second, during long runs, always take the proper amount of water with you in your SPIbelt. The proper amount of hydration depends on the person (the normal amount of water consumed) and factors such as the heat and length of the run. Longer runs make you prone to sweating; and when you sweat, you lose water and electrolytes. Salt supplements and electrolyte beverages help replace the electrolytes lost through sweat.

Running Energy
When salt supplements or electrolyte beverages aren’t enough, more energy may be needed for longer runs. During runs over 75 minutes, nutrition guidelines recommend consuming 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrates (200–300 calories) per hour. (Recommendations state sixty grams of carbs per hour as the maximum amount most people can process without stomach discomfort.) It’s best to eat easily digestible carbs and sugars though small amounts of protein or fat for longer runs. However, assuming you’ve already experimented and know what’s best for your stomach while running, pre-packaged energy bars and gels are good options. Also, whole foods such as fresh fruit, bananas, and dates work well to provide energy during runs. Yet even with the precautions, if the motion of running makes eating solid foods difficult, try to drink the calories by drinking beverages that include carbohydrates.

How to Carry your Hydration and Energy
Nowadays, there are many options for transporting nutrition necessities during long runs. One of the best options is to carry your water and energy in your Performance SPIbelt or Performance Pro SPIbelt.

The Performance SPIbelt is one of the best items for long runs – like marathons. You can use the pouch for nutrition bars and use the elastic loops to make carrying gels easy and accessible. Furthermore, the loops make it easy to clip on other essential items like keys or pepper spray.

The Performance Pro SPIbelt is great for the long-distance runner or endurance athlete, but is also weather-resistant (moisture resistant) against damp environments or sweaty runs. The Performance Pro can carry your running energy and also has spacious pockets large enough for any phone.

Finally, for hydration, the Distance Pro hydration belt utilizes two of the SPI H20 Companion bottles with the Performance Pro belt to keep you hydrated for your long run.

Sometimes your routine calls for shorter runs, and other times, like when training for marathons, it may call for an incredibly long runs. Longer runs are great, but require more preparation. So, whenever going on a long run, be prepared by carrying sufficient water and energy. If you are running in an unfamiliar area, bring even more than needed – just in case of an emergency. Furthermore, during long runs, it’s a great idea to carry an ID and phone. Fortunately, you can run comfortably with these items when wearing your SPIbelt.