How to Fit Workouts into a Busy Schedule

Even though the pandemic slowed life down, routines have adjusted to the new normal which now includes cyber activities like online work and school. Though more virtual, schedules are filling back up while many of us juggle multiple roles as spouses, parents, and employees. Fitting workouts into already hectic days seems like yet another item for the to-do list. But, if you think there’s no time to fit workouts into your busy schedule, think again. By utilizing a few tips, you can easily squeeze in a workout routine.

For some, exercise may feel like a chore, but for everyone, it is important. So what are the ways to get workouts to fit into a busy schedule? Specifically, you will need to be proactive and not see working out as an afterthought. You can modify your busy schedule and make working out work for you by:

  • Staying motivated
  • Planning and carving out time
  • Having an accountability partner
  • Getting creative

Motivate Yourself

If good looks and a healthy body are not enough motivation, try these tips to kickstart your workout routine.

  • Visualize the workout. Visualization is a mental technique that many – including athletes use to improve performance. If you can see yourself doing the exercise, it is more likely to happen!
  • Prepare the day before. Get your work out clothes ready, lay them out, or put them in your bag right by the door. Having workout clothes in view provides a visual cue that it is time to exercise.

Now let’s get into it.

Plan and Carve out Time to Workout

  • Have an exercise plan. Before each new week, plan out your exercises and the time it takes for them in order to focus your workouts. Knowing the amount of time to budget for a workout will help you plan a schedule accordingly. Map it out, schedule it (like with meetings), and stick to it. It will also help to share the schedule with an accountability partner.
  • Set an earlier alarm. On workout days, set your alarm a bit earlier to increase the amount of time you have during the day for exercise. If you can muster it, workout first thing in the morning to get it out of the way and off your to-do list. Not only will this keep a workout from hanging over your head during the day, but it will also make you more likely to stick to your routine as last-minute happy hour invites or late workdays cannot tempt you to skip “just this once.” However, if mornings just will not work, try scheduling workouts at lunchtime or immediately after work – before you get comfortable at home.

Have an Accountability Partner

If you can’t hire a coach to hold you accountable to a workout routine, choose a friend or family member to join you on workouts – or to simply encourage you to stick to your workout goals. Doing so will increase the likelihood of keeping to a workout plan.

Get Creative and Make It More Enjoyable

If possible, turn a commute or errand into a workout. But if you aren’t close enough to run or bike to work (or another place), park as far away as possible. Even a little bit of exercise helps and could mark cardio off the list. Check!

Also, you can work out while watching television or online programs. People spend so much time in front of screens, and much of this time is spent watching shows or videos. While watching your favorite show or YouTuber, you could use the time to do weight training or other types of stationary exercise – like running on a treadmill.

The above gives some ways to fit workouts into a tight schedule. Incorporating these simple tips into your active life will help you see that you are never too busy to workout and maintain a healthy lifestyle!