How To Pack A SPIbelt

You already know how awesome SPIbelt is. We help you carry all of your essentials when out and about, on a run, or just kicking it at home. Proper packing of a SPIbelt will ensure the most comfortable fit while keeping all of your items safe, secure and bounce-free. Here are three easy steps to properly store gear in a SPIbelt

Step One: Gather Your Items

Depending on the day, some belongings need to be taken along while others do not. Decide which items are most necessary to you based on any events the day has in store.

Step Two: Stack Smart

Just as in life, a SPIbelt requires balance. Once all items are picked for the day, stack the largest/widest items toward the back/bottom and layer subsequently smaller pieces on top. This method will help distribute the weight and assist in keeping everything where it needs to be.

Step Three: Stay Centered

Fill the pouch with the stacked belongings, maintaining the zipper as the center point – rather than it being the top or bottom – to reduce the amount of flipping and flopping that could occur. Tuck any last items (gels, keys, etc.) along the edges and zip shut.

After securing the belt to your waist, tighten the elastic band to where it feels snug and secure without being restrictive and you’re set to go!

From running to shopping, we have a wide variety of SPIbelt options for any activity! Click here to find the best belt for you.