How to Wear a Running Belt Bag

Infographic: How to Wear a Running Belt Bag

Are you tired of trying to figure out a way to carry around your wallet, car keys, smartphone, and other items when you're out on a run? This can really take the fun out of running.

There are so many health benefits of running. But you won't be able to enjoy any of them when you're juggling a bunch of different things in your hands.

One easy way to eliminate this problem is by investing in a running belt bag. Running belts will provide you with a safe place to put all the things that you'll need to bring with you when you run.

Before you begin using a running belt bag, you will want to learn how to wear it. Regardless of whether you're just figuring out how to start jogging or you've been jogging for years now, it'll take a little time to get used to wearing a running belt.

Here is a guide on how to wear a running belt bag successfully.

Look at the Types of Running Belt Bags

Prior to purchasing a running belt bag and beginning to wear it when you run, you should sneak a peek at the different types of running belts that are available. There will be quite a few options to choose from.

For example, this running belt bag is going to be a fantastic option for casual runners. If you enjoy running a few miles several times a week, that will be a wonderful running belt for you.

If, on the other hand, you're a marathon runner, you might want to select a running belt that will provide you with a little more space. This running belt might be a better choice.

Whatever you do, you shouldn't simply purchase a running belt bag and begin wearing it without considering all your options. It could result in you wearing a running belt that doesn't suit your needs.

Choose the Right Kind of Running Belt Bag

Once you're familiar with the different kinds of running belt bags, the next thing you should do is choose the right type and order it. You'll be happy to see that most running belts are only going to cost somewhere in the $26 to $40 range.


Before stepping out on your first run, you will want to adjust your running belt for the correct fit first.

Adjust the Size of a Running Belt Bag

Most running belts will be of the one-size-fits-all variety. You'll be able to adjust these types of running belts to fit around your waist.

When you first begin wearing a running belt bag, you'll want to tinker with it until you find the exact right size.

Fill a Running Belt Bag With Your Things

Some people make the mistake of only trying on a running belt bag when it's empty. They don't account for all the things they plan to put in it, and that often leads to it being too tight when they put it on and fill it up for the first time.

To steer clear of finding yourself in this situation, you should try on a running belt bag when it's empty and then try it on again after you've put your wallet, car keys, smartphone, etc. inside of it.

You might find that you'll need to loosen a running belt bag just a bit to accommodate everything that you'll put in it. You might also want to reconsider what you'll put in your running belt after seeing what it feels like when it's full.

One of the best running belt bags should be able to fit just about any small item you want with ease. But it still wouldn't hurt to fill it up with various items to see how it feels.

Find the Best Position for a Running Belt Bag

When you're wearing a running belt bag, you'll be able to put the part that contains all your items in any position you want. More often than not, people will choose to put the pouch with their things in it behind them. But you can also put it to the side or even in the front if that's what feels best.

Try putting a running belt bag into each of these positions to see which one you like the most. There should be one that's more comfortable than the rest, but it'll all depend on which bag you have.

While you're trying out the various positions, just be sure to check to see how accessible your items will be while you're running. You don't want to have to fidget with a bag too much while you're attempting to get something into it or out of it.

Test Out a Running Belt Bag on a Short Run

Ultimately, you aren't going to know how a running belt will feel until you've had an opportunity to run with it. So you should put it to the test on a light jog to see what you think.

You'll want to get comfortable wearing a running belt bag during a test run or even a series of test runs. It's going to ensure that a running belt will feel the way you want it to when you begin wearing it for real.

Remove Items From a Running Belt Bag as Necessary

You should be able to stash a number of things in a running belt bag without it impacting your ability to run with it on. But just because you can squeeze a bunch of stuff into a running belt doesn't mean you have to do it.

If you find that a running belt feels too heavy when you have it on, you might want to take a few items out. Or rather than carrying something like your entire set of keys, you might want to keep just one or two keys in your running belt.

It'll take some experimentation on your part to find the right mix of items to keep in your running belt bag. But you should be able to find the perfect mix by adding and subtracting items during your initial test run.

Make Adjustments to a Running Belt Bag Over Time

If you've been running for a long time now, you might not need to worry about losing any weight when you run with a running belt on. But if you're still relatively new to the running game, you might start to see the pounds come off as you run.

If this is the case, you're going to need to make adjustments to a running belt bag as the days, weeks, and months go by. Your running belt is going to get too loose once the pounds begin falling off.

If you, at any point, feel like your running belt is looser than it used to be, you should tighten it ever so slightly until it feels like it did before. These subtle adjustments will make a huge difference in how a running belt feels.

Options: Buying Running Belt Bags

You may want to consider wearing different running belts for different occasions.

For instance, if you're going for a light jog in the park, you should be able to get away with wearing a belt that's on the simpler side. But if you're training for a marathon, you'll be better off with a heavy-duty belt that can fit a water bottle like this one.

The beauty of running belt bags is that they aren't going to break the bank. So you can buy three or four of them for an affordable price and pull them out as needed.

You'll come to love what each individual type of running belt bag can bring to the table. You'll like mixing and matching them depending on how you're planning to run on any given day.

Store Your Running Belt Bag Properly

When you're finished using a running belt bag following a run, you might be tempted to leave it in the car until you need to wear it again. It'll be difficult not to do this when you're tired from your run.

But you should resist the urge to do this and try to store your running belt bag properly. There is a chance your running belt might be at least a little damp when you're done, and that could affect the way it fits the next time you put it on.

Your best bet will be to hang a running belt bag up so that it can dry off. You might also want to wipe it down with a damp rag from time to time to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from it.

tee that you always get the perfect fit when you put a running belt on. Although many of our customers have had their SPIbelts for over 10 years, you can consider replacing your running belt bag every so often with a new one.

Purchase a Running Belt Bag and Start Wearing It

Now that you know how to wear a running belt bag, how about buying one so that you can give it a try? We can provide you with a wide range of running belts for any occasion.

Whether you're looking for a casual running belt that can serve as a phone holder while running or a more advanced running belt for marathon running belt, we've got you covered. Begin your search for the right running belt bag today.

Do you have any questions about our running belts, or would you like to secure some jogging tips that will help you while wearing one of our belt bags? Contact us now for assistance.