We get so many fun pics of SPIbelt users. Our favorites, hands down, are the ones we receive from our young pumpers who’ve been diagnosed with T1 diabetes. Ava is one of these young rock stars who has gone through some pretty challenging stuff at a young age.

Ava, now 7 years old, was diagnosed with T1 diabetes when she was just four. She’s one tough cookie. She does every day what other people cringe at—poking fingers to check blood sugar, counting carbs to give an insulin dose, changing infusion sets every 2-3 days…24 hours a day, 7 days a week…for the rest of her life (if a cure is never found). She has a terrific sense of humor and takes things in stride. Ava is also fiercely independent and wants to do most everything by herself!

She loves playing soccer and participating in track in the spring. When summer rolls around, softball is her sport. She also loves shooting baskets—anything to be outside and enjoy nature. Reading books and playing games of all kinds with her parents as well as her brother and sister is another hobby. She also plays the piano and is an awesome student.

A big high-five to Ava for being so brave!

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