Meet our 2016 SPIbelt Brand Ambassadors!


It’s time to pop the champagne! We are so excited to announce our SPIbelt Brand Ambassadors! This is a group of 25 wildly interesting and passionate runners, cyclists, triathletes, bloggers, fitness coaches, parents, Boston qualifiers, and so much more.

Click here to get to know the Ambassadors!

Expect to see giveaways and other fun surprises from the SPIbelt Brand Ambassadors, plus you can bet we will be sharing more about this fabulous group of individuals with you over the next few months!

Meet the 2016 SPIbelt Ambassadors

And remember, we hope to add more Ambassadors next year! Online applications will open in December 2016 so make sure to keep an eye out and apply.

Not located in the US or Canada? Our international ambassador programs will be rolling out soon! Please email if interested.