Meet Gymnast and SPIbelt User Breanna

When you think SPIbelt, you probably think of a running belt that will carry your phone, gels, I.D. while racing or training for that next race, right? Well, although many of our customers use their SPIbelt for running or working out, a number of them use their SPIbelt to carry medical supplies including inhalers, EpiPens, and insulin pumps (for Type 1 diabetes).

Our friend Breanna, a talented 10 year old gymnast (she became hooked at age 3!), uses her SPIbelt for exactly that, keeping her insulin pump close by her side. Breanna was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2013 and was hospitalized for 6 days. She didn’t let her diagnosis slow her down though.


Last season she qualified to compete at the regional gymnastics meet in Tucson, AZ and she is currently training level 8. Her upcoming season includes travel meets to New York City and Idaho, as well as several meets in Northern California. Impressively, Breanna has achieved all these milestones while living with T1D.

Outside of the gym, Breanna loves singing, dancing, swimming, volleyball, and making movies and YouTube videos, some of which are about her T1D.

Breanna checks her sugar more often than others because she is so active, and there is a constant fear that she may have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). She eats very healthy but also enjoys the occasional treat, and, like most kids her age, she especially loves ice cream. She has never been embarrassed or shy to let others know and teach others about her condition, and she is blessed to have friends who love her so much and are very supportive and helpful.

Breanna’s Diabetes nurse educator recommended the SPIbelt to her family as soon as they decided she would use an insulin pump, and it has worked amazingly. During the summer break she works out almost 30 hours a week, and during the school year she’s at the gym for over 20 hours. She rarely removes her pump since the SPIbelt keeps it securely in place. It has been indispensable for her gymnastics as well as her daily life.