Our 5 Favorite Holiday Gifts: Perfect for Anyone's List

From the marathoner to the animal lover, we’ve got something for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life! Below are our favorites for the holidays.

SPIbelt Original

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Throw some hand warmers in to keep your fingers toasty while running outdoors, or pack a few cocoa packets for that road trip to grandma’s. Featured here, Our Original SPIbelt in Red foil.


The SPIleash

Let’s not forget about gifts for Rover! (OK, and maybe for yourself just a little.) The SPIleash lets you take your pup out for runs, and comes complete with a compartment for your keys…and his treats. Learn more about the SPIleash.


Reflective SPIband

Winter brings early sunsets, and it’s important to stay safe after dark. Pick up a reflective SPIband for you and your running pals, which will keep everyone protected and happy this holiday season. Available in Reflective Gray, Hot Pink, Black and Turquoise. Learn more about the SPIband.


Large Pocket SPIbelt

Sometimes you just need a little more room. The large pocket SPIbelt can fit everything from your phone to a passport; why not treat someone to a trip, and the perfect accessory to take along! Learn more about our Large Pocket SPIbelt.


SPI Messenger Bag

The perfect hiking and biking accessory, our messenger bag is a must-have for all kinds of trips. Not just meant for the outdoors, load one up with toys and games for any long holiday travels! Learn more about the messenger bag.