Running With the Best

– By Kim Overton

When I first came out with the SPIbelt in 2007, I was fulfilling my own immediate need – to create a belt that does not bounce, will hold all of my running essentials, is secure, discreet and good-looking. As the brand grew and company grew, I learned from my customers that we had not only created the best running belt on the market for function, security, and flexibility, but we created one of the most comfortable and affordable solutions for people needing to carry special medial devices.

Stating that I have created the “best running belt” as the owner of the brand hardly seems fair. This status, mind you, is the status we came to realize over the years from customer feedback. We heard countless stories about our belt being used in many scenarios: marathons, half marathons, fun runs, trail runs, tri runs, ultra runs…you name it. Then came the feedback from the not-necessarily running crowd, but those who needed the best comfort and security a belt can give. Specifically, those who live with special medical devices such as an EPIpen, inhaler, an Insulin Pump, Processors for Cochlear implants, etc.


SPIbelt users with medical devices have inspired me tremendously. Not only have they shared their stories of how the SPIbelt has literally changed their lives, but they have inspired me by how passionately they live life to the fullest, no matter what may get in their way.

The stories, and pictures we received from users or parents with children using their SPIbelt for their diabetes insulin pump, EpiPen, or inhaler have been known to bring tears (of extreme joy) to my eyes. I am so grateful that our simple belt is able to help out in such a huge way. Below is one of the many photos I received from our fans. Thank you, precious Maeve, and keep up that beautiful smile!

So the next time you grab your SPIbelt to go out on a run, take comfort in how secure and versatile your SPIbelt truly is, and how many people around you might just be wearing their SPIbelt as a lifesaving device accessory in addition to their running companion.

Grab your belt and go, feeling secure.

By Kim Overton, Owner and Inventor of SPIbelt