SPIbelt 101

A Bit About SPIbelt

The primary goal of the SPIbelt brand is to help you carry all of the possessions needed for whatever you’re doing without them being a burden or a distraction. Whether out for a long run, traveling the globe, or hanging out with friends, our accessory belt is meant to house a set of keys, phone, passport, EpiPen, or whatever Small Personal Items (SPI) you may need to have tucked away safely and securely!

The creation of the SPIbelt came from our founder Kim’s discomfort of stashing her car key in her sports bra when running. She knew there was a much better alternative, so after designing and making the first belt at home, she knew she was on to something people from all walks of life could benefit from using. Anyone who has gone for a run knows the struggle of not having enough pockets for all of the bits and pieces (energy gel, inhaler, etc.) in their run outfit or feeling weighted down and uncomfortable because of the unique storage locations available.

Picking The Right SPIbelt

With over 15 different belt styles in a multitude of colors and patterns to choose from, how does one find the best belt for their needs? Simple! The first step is to determine what activities will necessitate a SPIbelt. Are you an endurance runner needing to carry more nutrition during long miles? The Endurance or Venture series are water resistant, meaning your belongings won’t get soggy from sweat or inclement weather. Perhaps you’re the yogi who wishes to take a phone and payment method from the studio to brunch? Why not try the Luxe or Large Pocket SPIbelts as they’re less for extreme adventures, but do not lack in carrying capacity. Once you’ve decided which belt is best, the next step is to pick from our variety of stylish accents and colors to find the color combo that matches your style.

Using A SPIbelt

Three easy steps: decide what you want to take, load up the belt, and zip it shut! There’s not a whole lot to it! Not sure if your phone fits in a particular belt? Head to our website and see what SPIbelt will hold your cellular device best.

Why SPIbelt?

There are plenty of available options on the market when it comes to a running/accessory belt, but why should you pick up a SPIbelt over another brand? Simply put: we care! We focus on the highest of quality, outstanding customer service and product innovation giving you the best possible experience you can have when you purchase any of our products. Our fearless leader Kim believes so wholeheartedly in the mission of SPIbelt she continues to drive SPIbelt forward as our active leader, checking in on every aspect of the company and pushing the brand forward each day with new ideas and ways to improve. The majority of SPIbelt products are made locally in Austin, Texas, meaning we keep a close eye on our gear to ensure you receive the highest quality product possible.

Although we may think globally, we still act locally by collaborating with local run shops to put on partnered running events with food and giveaways, as well as place each local retailer on our Store Locator page to help you find and support the closest SPIbelt dealer near you! We also work with amazing nonprofit groups such as JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and Camp Bluebonnet – two groups on a mission to help those diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes – by donating both Medical SPIbelts and partnering to help those affected by T1D manage a little easier. We also donate $1 from each purchase of the Pink Ribbon SPIbelt to the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Austin, Texas who provide free counseling, guidance, and education for anyone affected by breast cancer.

With SPIbelt, our discreet, comfortable storage options are great for nearly anything you may be doing, so you’re free to be whoever you are without worrying about your belongings. We’ve got those covered, trust us.