SPIbelt Featured Fan: @adz_in_control

I’ve been running for around 18 months now. As a formerly morbidly obese person (I’ve lost well over 50kg/120lbs), running has shaped my life very quickly, in ways I never thought imaginable. The frienships I’ve built while pushing myself past breaking point is something I never expected, not to mention the mental strength I now know lives deep inside. I now ‘get’ why people run, and you know what they say… you don’t ‘know’, until you know.

How long have you been using a SPIbelt? Which belt is your favorite?

I purchased my first SPIbelt a little over 12 months ago, when my long runs started moving past 10km. The H2O Venture belt is my go-to, and I’ve used it for every long run since, including 10km races, a half marathon, and a 50km ultramarathon. Along with the hydration, the extra width really helps keep the loose skin on my belly under control while I’m running.

What would your perfect vacation entail?

Somewhere quiet, within sight of snow capped peaks, bush trails nearby, and a secluded hidden cottage with the wife and kids.

Waffles or Pancakes and – more importantly – why?

Either. As long as they are served with bacon. Perhaps one of each, made into a bacon sandwich. Yes, that would do.

What is your favorite Wikipedia article?

This will sound boring, but it’s the page for ‘Ankylosing spondylitis‘, which is a type of inflammatory arthritis which I suffer from. It’s the easiest way to inform people who ask what it is!

What inspires you?

Apart from the obvious answers of my mother, wife and kids, my own progress has inspired me the most. Knowing that I’ve been given this chance at a new life, and I can continue to work hard to continually better myself every day, really lights the fire within, each and every day.

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