SPIbelt Featured Fan: @jilllynn_h

Jill is one of the true warriors of the sport of Obstacle Course Racing, and a role model for managing a complex home/work/sport life with a smile. She successfully balances being a mom to 3 kids, a busy professional in her law career, and a top masters athlete with a demanding OCR training and race schedule. Coming from a competitive sports background in swimming, field hockey and horseback riding (dressage, show jumping & 3-day cross-country events), Jill had a solid base as an athlete to move into OCR with its all-around physical demands. A constant masters podium threat in competitive OCR, Jill continues to push her limits as an athlete.

How long have you been using a SPIbelt? Which belt is your favorite?

I’ve been using SPIbelt since 2015 and my favorite is the Original SPIbelt.

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?

Last fall completing the Rugged Maniac – feeling really under the weather – was something that started out badly, but ended up being great. Even driving to the venue that cold morning I wasn’t sure I was going to race, but once I arrived, the excitement had me anxious to get going. My body felt okay and I was having a blast running and tackling new and fun obstacles. I was in my element and felt like I could push myself and was shocked to finish first overall female that day.

What obstacles would be included in the world’s most amazing obstacle course?

Oh wow, we have so many amazing obstacles out there already, but a giant slip and slide would be a blast or a giant rope swing into a lake. I always feel like a big kid playing when I do races.

If you were given five million dollars to open a small museum, what kind of museum would you create?

If I could open a small museum it would probably be some sort of photography. Maybe a photographic history of amazing moments in sports through the present.

What inspires you?

The desire to continue to learn and grow and to live my best life is what inspires me.

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*Jill’s bio taken from her FitLinc profile, found here.