SPIbelt Featured Fan - @krystalbbg

I’m really terrible about speaking about my self so I’ll give you some quick fun facts about me.
1. I have a degree is Zoology but work in Digital Marketing 😄
2. I have 2 rescue pups
3. I just started working out in January and have already lost 15lbs!

How long have you been using a SPIbelt? Which belt is your favorite?

I bought my own SPIbelt about 3 weeks ago, but my husband started using his for about a year. I fell in love with his which is how I got mine! I love it because I can run for miles without ever feeling the pouch bounce on my body. My SPIbelt with its pink zipper is everything 🙂

What skill would you like to master?

Graphic Design.

If your life was a book, what would be the title?

“Unpredictability At Its Finest”

What’s your idea of a great day?

Spending the day with my husband and our dogs ❤️preferably at the beach!

What inspires you?

People pushing themselves to their limits!

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