SPIbelt Featured Fan: @move_it_mama_e

I’m Erica Mason, age 34, and live in Wisconsin with my husband and 4 kids. I’m a full-time stay at home mom, an Iraq veteran, and a military spouse. I love running and working out at home, as well as enjoying all the outdoors offers with my husband and kids as often as possible!

How long have you been using a SPIbelt? Which belt is your favorite?

My husband bought me a Rave Original SPIbelt for Christmas in 2017. I bought the SPI H2O Venture Belt in the summer of 2018 and I love both equally!

If all jobs had the same pay and the same hours, what would you like to have?

Children’s Librarian or Professional Baby Snuggler.

What’s the best way to start the day?

Good tunes and a steaming cup of coffee!

What is a personal “rule” that you never break?

Never speaking negatively about my body or myself in front of my daughters.

What inspires you?

Other parents who juggle home life, careers, and incredible physical achievements. Along with anyone unapologetically chasing their passions!

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