SPIbelt Featured in Recent Austin Monthly Issue

SPIbelt is honored to have been a part of Austin Monthly’s Innovation Issue this past January. The January issue is full of detailed information on successful local Austin businesses who had “Bright Ideas” and how they came into fruition. SPIbelt is mentioned along with other local fitness accessories that help Austinites stay fit while being stylish and comfortable. A few of the genius inventions from the Austin Monthly article include: 3-D printing for reconstructive breast surgery, remote control drone photography devices, cloud computing coffee orders for pick up, and lightweight child carries to name a few. As a city booming with innovation, it’s no surprise Austin continues has been deemed by Forbes as the fastest growing city in 2014 in the US! Sometimes a run is just the right thing to help you escape from the growing masses. Still feel the need to stay connected while exercising? SPIbelt is the fitness belt for you! Tuck away your iPhone, keys, cash and ID in one of our adjustable, no-bounce small personal item running belts. Take a look at our various SPIbelt running accessories!