SPIbelt for Kids and Athletes Alike!

At SPIbelt, our main goal is to make it easy for you to carry your small personal items on the go – even for kids! Meet Kyle, a young athlete who doesn’t let his Type 1 Diabetes stop him from getting in the game. SPIbelt is an easy and comfortable way for kids to carry their diabetic pump accessories and personal items, including medications or ID cards. With the comfortable strap and no-bounce material, your child can incorporate SPIbelt into their wardrobe. We offer various SPIbelt kids designs for your children to choose from, including camouflage, polka dots, peace signs and more. Forget the outdated fanny pack, and get your kids a SPIbelt! They can continue on with their normal daily habits without worrying about losing their important IDs or medical devices. SPIbelt also makes it easy for your kids while you are traveling. Keeping up with important items such as passports, money, phones and IDs is already stressful. Keep your mind at ease knowing your kid’s items are safe in their SPIbelt throughout your travels. The no-bounce material, and expandable waist band makes the SPIbelt perfect for kids of all ages. Other fitness belts can be uncomfortable and bulky. Kyle is able to play in his basketball games with a SPIbelt tucked under his shirt – no fuss! Thanks for sharing your SPIbelt moments with us, Kyle!